Dog Treats - Training
Dog Treats - Training

Proper treats are a required tool when training your dog. At Green Acres our key requirements for a training treat are: 1) palatability – the dog must really want it, 2) wholesome, quality ingredients – we need to feel good about feeding it to our dogs, 3) small size and low calorie – we want to keep our dogs healthy and slim and 4) easy to consume rapidly – so we can keep on training. We have found the treats listed below to work very well for training.

CANZ Real Meat Jerky Treats for Dogs

The CANZ Real Meat treats are 95% real meat; exceedingly more than the traditional dog treat. All meat sources are free range, farm raised, and natural. There are no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives added to the CANZ Real Meat treats.

The enticing smell and mouth-watering flavors make these highly rewarding treats for training. They are soft treats that are easily broken into little pieces so that your pet can eat them quickly—less time chewing means more training repetitions!

The six Real Meat flavors are each available in 4 oz and 12 oz re-closable bags.

Charlee Bear Treats for Dogs

When purchasing treats for our pets, it can be easy to forget that nutrition and calories are still important factors that must be considered. That is why Steve Brown (yes, the creator of Steve's Real Food for Pets) created Charlee Bear Treats. They are a non-greasy treat made from all natural ingredients and contain less than three calories each! Compare that to a normal dog biscuit which can have over 100 calories. Another wonderful advantage to the Charlee Bear Treats is that they are relatively small (12 Charlee Bear Treats are about equal to the size of one medium sized biscuit). The small size is ideal for training when you need to use lots of treats that your dog can consume rapidly and that won't pack on the pounds.

Charlee Bear Treats come in two flavors and are available in three sizes: a 6 oz re-closable bag, a 16 oz re-closable bag, and a 17 oz plastic jar.

Dogswell Premium Treats for Your Dog's Well-Being

These treats from Dogswell are not only great for training, but they help contribute to your dog's good health. Made with all natural chicken breast from cage-free chickens, different holistic ingredients are added to the specific varieties to freshen your dog's breath, help their heart, hips, or attitude, or just provide them with some extra vitamins. They contain NO by-products, antibiotics, hormones, added salt, wheat, flour, corn, soy, or BHA / BHT. These treats should be broken into small pieces when used for training.

Dogswell Premium Treats come in 6 oz and 16 oz re-closable packages.

KONG Stuff'n Tots & Trail Max for Dogs

KONG began production of its well known, durable toys for dogs back in 1976. In the past couple of years the company has created a line of treats made of all natural, quality ingredients that can be used to "stuff" the already popular, hollow toys. However, these treats are not just for "stuff'n." Many of us, and our customers here at Green Acres Kennel Shop, use the treats for training or for "just because treats."

Tots are available in a 13 oz re-closable bag or a small 1.4 oz refillable plastic container, which is easy to stick in a pocket or bag.

The Trail Mix contains a variety of dried fruits and vegetables. It is available in a 4 oz re-closable bag.

Liver Biscotti Treats for Dogs

Suzanne Pickett was a graduate chef who had been working for a catering company for 13 years. She took her skills and creativity a step further when she created Liver Biscotti, a treat with a long shelf life (but no preservatives) that dogs love!

The Liver Biscotti original recipe uses USDA inspected and approved beef liver, organic flours, and fresh veggies. The treats are small and low in fat, which makes them excellent for training. They are very crunchy and have a magnificent smell and flavor that dogs go crazy for!

There are two varieties of Liver Biscotti: Original Recipe and Sensitive. The Sensitive recipe does not contain wheat or eggs. Each variety comes in a "Small Bites" form for smaller dogs, cats, and intensive training. All varieties come in 8 oz packages.

Nutro Sticks

For over 75 years, Nutro has been formulating foods for pets, and the company strives to make quality treats as well. Using the same natural ingredients found in their foods, Nutro fortifies their treats with vitamins and minerals. Their Sticks contain no artificial colors or flavors, nor any by-product or grains from corn. It should be noted however, that Nutro does use propylene glycol to aid in the preservation of their moist treats.

Both the Chicken & Rice and the Lamb & Rice Sticks come in 3 oz and 6 oz packages.

Pooch Passions Freeze Dried Liver for Dogs

These freeze dried liver treats are made from 100% real beef or chicken liver. There are absolutely no preservatives or other ingredients added. The freeze-drying process rapidly eliminates moisture from the liver, which locks in the freshness and flavor of the raw liver. It also allows the product to be stored without refrigeration.

Pooch Passions Freeze Dried Liver comes in approximately1 inch cubes which are easy to work with. Here at Green Acres Kennel Shop we often recommend using this treat as your "special treat"—a highly motivating treat that is used only in specific circumstances, such as training your dog to come on cue.

Because the Freeze Dried Liver is so rich, be careful not to feed your dog too much at one time. More than the recommended serving size may cause digestive upset in some dogs.

The Beef Liver comes in 2 oz, 4 oz, 14 oz, and 21 oz re-closable bags. The Chicken liver is slightly lighter in weight so it

Red Barn Chicken Jerky

The all natural Chicken Jerky is a soft and tender treat for dogs. It is high in protein and 97% fat free. These treats should be broken into small pieces when used for training.

Simon & Huey Doggoned Tasty Treats for Dogs

Simon and Huey were the two beagles that inspired their guardians to make the now popular treats. Simon had digestive problems that were relieved when his guardians made him homemade meals. This started his guardians thinking; why not make quality homemade treats as well? So they did. Now dogs everywhere can benefit from the healthy treats that were first created for Simon and Huey.

All of the Simon & Huey treats remain handcrafted with only quality ingredients. The treats never contain wheat, corn, or soy (common allergens). Additionally, the broth used comes from free-range chickens. These treats are low in fat and truly great tasting (to both the dogs and humans)!

Green Acres Kennel Shop is the only place in Maine where you can purchase Simon & Huey treats for your pet!

Solid Gold Jerky Treats for Dogs

Solid Gold, established in 1974, was one of the first companies in the United States to use natural ingredients in their pet foods and treats. The company takes a holistic approach to the health of your pet. Solid Gold treats are a delightful addition to any nutritious diet.

Like the Solid Gold pet foods, the quality and choice of ingredients that Solid Gold uses in its treats are outstanding. Solid Gold uses only USDA Choice lamb and beef meal and USDA grade I and II grains. They do not include artificial preservatives in any of their treats. Neither do they use wheat, corn, nor soy, as these are common allergens for pets.

The Solid Gold soft treats can easily be broken into smaller pieces for training. They are also ideal for teething puppies, or older dogs with dental problems.

The Solid Gold Jerky treats are available in 1 lb re-closable bags.

SportMix Puppy Treats for Dogs

These are small, crunchy treats for your puppy or adult dog. The colorful, bone-shaped biscuits are fun to feed your pet. When broken into small pieces they are suitable for training. It should be noted that SportMix Puppy Treats do contain artificial colors and meat and bone meal.

These treats come in a 2 lb bag.


The same Old Mother Hubbard company that produces quality Wellness pet foods also offers a line of delicious treats for your dog. The treats are made from ingredients that are 100% whole and are 100% human grade. Wellness treats do not contain wheat, corn, or soy. Neither do they contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


Wysong, the veterinarian owned and run company, is dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible diet when the whole foods provided by nature just aren't an option for feeding. Their philosophy is no different when it comes to designing a nutritious treat that your pet will love. There are never artificial colors, sugars, or synthetic or chemical taste enhancers in any Wysong product.


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