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Pet Behavior Counseling

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am not currently taking on any new clients that have pets displaying aggressive behavior or separation anxiety, unless they are already existing clients of Green Acres Kennel Shop. I am available for minor behavioral issues, as noted below, and our Which Pet Is the Right One for Me? program.

Aggression and separation anxiety, the two biggest reasons I see clients for behavior consultations are not simple issues to resolve. Medical problems such as pain or discomfort, neurological disorders, endocrine disease, and more can play a role in behavioral disorders in pets. Even tick-borne diseases, which are all too prevalent in Maine, can cause aggression and anxiety.

It is essential to understand that while training a dog is critical to their well-being, training alone is unlikely to solve serious behavioral issues. Aggression and severe are mental health issues. It is essential to discuss your behavioral

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are typical questions people ask about our pet behavior consulting services.

What is Pet Behavior Consulting?

Pet Behavior Consulting involves working with you and your pet to resolve problem behaviors that are usually occurring due to a specific emotional state of the animal. Typical behavior problems we deal with include: aggression and biting, separation anxiety, inappropriate urination and defecation, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, resource guarding, fears and phobias and other stress related behaviors.

Our goal is to help you better understand the normal and abnormal behavioral patterns of dogs in general, as well as understanding the individual needs of your particular pet. We provide you with a behavior modification protocol to assist in the resolution of the problem behavior. Here at Green Acres, we also recommend treatment with

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