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When you have to be away and cannot take your pets with you, treat them to a stay at Green Acres Kennel Shop. Green Acres is more than just a pet boarding business, or a dog kennel or a cattery; we’re your pet’s home away from home. Our pet boarding facility offers heated rooms for dogs, heated and air conditioned rooms for cats, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that will tend to your pet’s every need.

Whether it’s social time, individual play, or just one-on-one time to snuggle, Green Acres is like a luxury pet boarding house with staff that will make sure your pet receives the best possible care. If you are looking to find pet boarding in Bangor, Maine, or for that matter pet boarding in the Maine area, look no further than Green Acres Kennel Shop for the best in kennels and pet boarding services. Contact us today to book a reservation!

What is Pet Friendly?

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Green Acres Kennel Shop is a pet friendly, force-free, fear-free and pain-free facility. We meet or exceed the standards set in the Position Statements of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the American Animal Hospital Association AAHA 2015 Canine and Feline Behavior Management Guidelines.

While there are many decent boarding facilities that truly love the animals they care for, we believe it is important that pet guardians realize not all people in the pet care business are "pet friendly." In some cases the abuse does not stem from ill will, rather it is simply a matter of a lack of education about dogs and cats. Regardless of the reasons however, the outcome for the animal is a negative one. The following are a few examples of what we consider to be unacceptable and unethical behavior on the

Dog Boarding

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Dogs boarding at Green Acres stay in one of our four heated kennel rooms. Each dog is assigned their own spacious indoor-outdoor dog boarding kennel in a room. Kennels are available in small, medium, large and giant sizes. Run dimensions vary from 2.5x4 to 3.5 by 6 inside and 2.5x12 to 3.5x16 outside. Your dog will be assigned to a run and room that is appropriate for their size and temperament.

Each individual kennel has an indoor and outdoor section. Each inside run is separated by a solid wall to provide privacy for the dogs. A sliding door between the indoor and outdoor section of the kennel allows the dogs to come and go as they

Room Service Options for Dogs

Green Acres offers a wide variety of room service options for our canine guests that are boarding or are in daycare. These services include opportunities for play and social interaction, special treats, and grooming. Each service is described below. Prices for these services may change. Call to confirm pricing when you make your reservation.

Social Activities

It is our mission to ensure your dog has fun while at Green Acres. For this reason we have several social options to meet the various needs of the different personalities that visit us. Please note that outdoor play takes place in a secure 6' fenced yard and in all weather conditions, except the most severe cold or rain. Please bring appropriate clothing should your pet require it. Please inform staff if you believe your pet has the capability to jump or scale a 6' fence.

Snuggle Time – Extra special time with your dog and

Cat Boarding

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Voted the Best of the Best!

Green Acres Kennel Shop is the ideal cat boarding facility for your furry friend while you are away. Green Acres feline guests stay in our upstairs, air conditioned cattery; well separated from our canine guests. We have a total of 12 Kitty Condos, 10 of a vertical design, complete with climbing trees, and 2 of a horizontal design for our senior, less mobile cats. Depending on their length of stay and comfort level, our feline guests may also be rotated through our cat playroom, which includes cat furniture and a window for watching the outside.

We offer a wide-range of room service options

Room Service Options for Cats

Green Acres offers a wide variety of room service options for our feline guests. These services include opportunities for play and social interaction and grooming. Each service is described below. Prices for these services may change. Call to confirm pricing when you make your reservation.

Social Activities

Contrary to popular belief, most cats are very social animals and treasure time spent with others. Green Acres offers the following optional, additional social activities for your feline friend while they are with us.

Individual Play & Snuggle Time – Indoor play for your cat with one of our staff and a variety of interactive toys. This service is recommended for the youngsters and other cats that




Playtime is something that all dogs love and a daily playtime is included as part of our standard boarding rate. Additional playtimes are optional. Our trained, experienced staff will assign your dog to a playgroup based on temperament, size, age and play style for a fun romp with up to four other dogs. Playtime sessions take place in one of our two outside, fenced, play yards. All play sessions are 100% supervised by a trained pet care technician and there are never more than 5 dogs per technician; your dog will never be left unsupervised with dogs that are not part of its family. If your dog is not comfortable with other dogs, individual playtime is available. Individual playtimes may consist of wandering and smelling the scents of the world, running and fetching, just hanging out, or sitting on a lap and being

Boarding Requirements


To ensure the health of all pets staying at Green Acres, we will need to see proof of vaccination for rabies for all cats and dogs, and either proof of vaccination or proof of immunity for distemper and canine cough for your dog and proof of vaccination or immunity for distemper for your cat. Proof of immunity would require a letter from your veterinarian stating that titer tests are performed on a routine basis and that your pet has sufficient immunity.  In an effort to make the check in process more efficient and to prevent any delays in your travel plans, a day or two prior to your pet’s arrival we will attempt to obtain this information from your veterinarian. Please note however, that not all veterinarians will release this information so be sure to have it available should it be needed.


All pets entering Green Acres are checked for fleas and must be flea free before they

Boarding Rates

Boarding Rates - Effective August 1, 2023

Boarding rates apply for the day your pet is dropped off, and every day the pet remains in our care past our 12-noon checkout time. If you checkout before noon or if your pet is groomed on the final day (this does not apply to Sundays or Holidays), you are not charged a boarding fee for the last day.

Our rates do not vary with the size or breed of your pet. Nor do we charge extra for feeding your own food or administering medications you provide, except for injections, as noted below.

Our boarding fee includes one playtime per day

Boarding Questions

Why is boarding such a good option for pets?

When traveling, people often go places where pets are not allowed such as restaurants, museums and other attractions. For the pet, this means staying behind in an unfamiliar environment or being left in the car, particularly perilous in the warmer months and climates. Traveling with a pet has the additional risks of the pet getting scared and running off, or becoming sick. Changes are usually very stressful to a pet, especially cats, and traveling is a constantly changing situation. Boarding facilities provide a safe, caring environment with a staff trained to care for your pet and monitor their health while keeping them secure. A quality boarding facility gives a pet's guardian peace of mind, knowing that their pets are safe and comfortable.

Why is it not a good idea to leave the pets with friends or family members?

Actually that can be an option if the person

What Can I Bring With My Pet for Boarding/Daycare

Thank you for your interest in Green Acres Kennel Shop, your pet’s home away from home. Whether you have already made your boarding reservation or are considering us for the future we would like to thank you for taking the time to review the belonging’s policy for animals staying with us.

Please know that with the exception of medications or any special diets, it is not necessary for you to bring items from home unless you choose to do so. We will provide your pet with bedding, NutriSource pet food, treats and toys (should they desire) while they are with us. If however you wish to bring some personal items, with the exception of bedding, the following are some guidelines that we respectfully request you adhere to. (For cleaning purposes, we ask that you please do not bring any bedding. We will provide all pets with bedding for the duration of their stay with us.)

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