Playtime is something that all dogs love and a daily playtime is included as part of our standard boarding rate. Additional playtimes are optional. Our trained, experienced staff will assign your dog to a playgroup based on temperament, size, age and play style for a fun romp with up to four other dogs. Playtime sessions take place in one of our two outside, fenced, play yards. All play sessions are 100% supervised by a trained pet care technician and there are never more than 5 dogs per technician; your dog will never be left unsupervised with dogs that are not part of its family. If your dog is not comfortable with other dogs, individual playtime is available. Individual playtimes may consist of wandering and smelling the scents of the world, running and fetching, just hanging out, or sitting on a lap and being pampered.

Group playtimes last approximately 20 minutes and individual playtimes are approximately 10 minutes in length.


Playtime for cats is done on an individual basis only and includes whatever activities your cat prefers. Activities can range from chasing a cat charmer, to playing fetch (yes, there are cats that fetch!), to snuggling and being petted, or any combination of these – we let the cat decide!

If you elect to have your pets participate in Playtime, you will need to sign a Playtime Contract.


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