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Dogs boarding at Green Acres stay in one of our four heated kennel rooms. Each dog is assigned their own spacious indoor-outdoor dog boarding kennel in a room. Kennels are available in small, medium, large and giant sizes. Run dimensions vary from 2.5x4 to 3.5 by 6 inside and 2.5x12 to 3.5x16 outside. Your dog will be assigned to a run and room that is appropriate for their size and temperament.

Each individual kennel has an indoor and outdoor section. Each inside run is separated by a solid wall to provide privacy for the dogs. A sliding door between the indoor and outdoor section of the kennel allows the dogs to come and go as they please. During the winter heating season we do not keep this door open, due to heat loss, but do allow the dogs several opportunities to go outside throughout the day. Both sides of the runs are cleaned
daily or more frequently if needed. We will allow dogs that normally live together and that can be fed next to one another to share a run, providing there is ample room for them to move freely.

We offer a wide-range of room service options for our doggy guests, ranging from social activities like group off-leash playtime to special treats and grooming. Activity is important, so all of our canine guests automatically receive a daily social activity (Snuggle Time, Individual Play, Family Play, or Group Play) as part of our boarding package. Many clients opt for additional playtime for their dog. We encourage you to checkout all of our room service options for dog boarding in Bangor, Maine, and dog boarding in Maine at Green Acres Kennel Shop. Contact us today to book a reservation!


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