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Green Acres Kennel Provides Friendly Doggie Daycare

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Doggie Daycare at the Green Acres Kennel Shop can provide your special dog with:

  • Exercise and socialization opportunities. Daycare is a great place to burn off that excess energy while romping off-leash with a new canine buddy in a safe, supervised environment.
  • Human contact. During the day while you are gone your companion need not be alone. Our pet care technicians are here because they love spending time with dogs, and providing knowledgeable pet sitting services and pet care services.
  • A safe environment with friendly, experienced dog sitters. When you leave your dog at Green Acres, you can rest assured
Room Service Options for Dogs


Green Acres offers a wide variety of room service options for our canine guests that are boarding or are in daycare. These services include opportunities for play and social interaction, special treats, and grooming. Each service is described below.

Social Activities

It is our mission to ensure your dog has fun while at Green Acres. For this reason we have several social options to meet the various needs of the different personalities that visit us. Please note that outdoor play takes place in a secure 6' fenced yard and in all weather conditions, except the most severe cold or rain. Please bring appropriate clothing should your pet require it. Please inform staff if you believe your pet has the capability to jump or


Behavior and Temperament


Because group playtime is an integral component of daycare, all dogs enrolled in our daycare program must get along well with all types of other dogs. Daycare is not an appropriate arena to attempt to overcome issues of fear or aggression with other dogs.


Dogs in our daycare program are in close contact with each other and thus must be healthy. If your dog is sick, please do not bring him to daycare during the duration of his illness.

Spay & Neuter

Daycare Rates

Daycare Rates - Effective August 1, 2023

Dogs brought in for daycare must be picked up the same day. Daycare rates apply no matter when your dog is dropped off or picked up. 

Our rates do not vary with the size or breed of your pet. Nor do we charge extra for feeding your own food or administering medications you provide, except for injections, as noted below.

Our daycare fee includes two playtimes per day plus a stuffed Kong. Additional fees for medical injections and trips to and from the veterinarian may be charged.

Since area veterinarians are typically not seeing non-clients, our only option may be to take your pet to one of the emergency veterinary hospitals in Maine, which can result in charges for staff time and mileage in addition to the veterinary costs.

Green Acres General Contract for Boarding/Daycare/Grooming

All daycare clients must sign a boarding/daycare contract for each pet boarded, on an annual basis.

(This copy of our contract is made available online for your review only. An actual copy will be need to be signed at our facility)

This is a contract for boarding, grooming and daycare services between GREEN ACRES KENNEL SHOP (GAKS) and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called “Owner”).

  1. OWNER agrees to pay the rate in effect the date the pet is checked into GAKS, and further agrees to pay for all costs and charges for any special services requested or required, and all veterinary costs for the pet during the time pet is in care of GAKS. OWNER agrees that the pet shall not leave GAKS until all charges for boarding, daycare, grooming, medicine, veterinary services, playtime, etc. are paid to GAKS
Boarding/Daycare Playtime Contracts

(This copy of our contract is made available online for your review only. An actual copy will be need to be signed at our facility)

Green Acres Kennel Shop Group Play Contract

This document is an addendum to the General Contract between GREEN ACRES KENNEL SHOP (hereinafter called “GAKS”) and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called “Owner”).  We are pleased to offer group play opportunities for dogs that Board or Daycare at GAKS. Group play is defined as interaction off lead in a secure area between 2 or more dogs that do not reside together in the same household. Dogs in group play will be under supervision by one of our pet care technicians. In order for your dog to participate in group play, we ask that you carefully read and agree to the following by signing below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring with us when we bring our dog for Daycare?

There are several things you should bring with your dog for Daycare.

  • If it is your pet's first visit, we will need to see proof of vaccination for Rabies, and either proof of vaccination or immunity for Distemper and Bordetella for dogs. Proof of immunity requires a letter from your veterinarian stating that titer tests are performed annually and that your pet has sufficient immunity.
  • An emergency phone number where we can contact you or someone who can act on your behalf if we have any questions or your pet requires veterinary care during the day.
  • Any medications, prescription or otherwise (e.g. aspirin), that your
What Can I Bring With My Pet for Boarding/Daycare

Thank you for your interest in Green Acres Kennel Shop, your pet’s home away from home. Whether you have already made your daycare reservation or are considering us for the future we would like to thank you for taking the time to review the belonging’s policy for animals staying with us.

Please know that with the exception of medications or any special diets, it is not necessary for you to bring items from home unless you choose to do so. We will provide your pet with bedding,  treats and toys (should they desire) while they are with us. If however you wish to bring some personal items, with the exception of bedding, the following are some guidelines that we respectfully request you adhere to. (For cleaning purposes, we ask that you please do not bring any bedding. We will provide all pets with bedding for the duration of their stay with us.)

For dogs coming for Daycare:


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