Behavior and Temperament


Because group playtime is an integral component of daycare, all dogs enrolled in our daycare program must get along well with all types of other dogs. Daycare is not an appropriate arena to attempt to overcome issues of fear or aggression with other dogs.


Dogs in our daycare program are in close contact with each other and thus must be healthy. If your dog is sick, please do not bring him to daycare during the duration of his illness.

Spay & Neuter Requirements

All dogs and bitches over 7 months of age are required to be spayed or neutered to participate in the group play sessions included with daycare.


To ensure the health of all dogs in daycare, we will need to see proof of vaccination for rabies and either proof of vaccination or immunity for distemper and canine cough. Proof of immunity requires a letter from your veterinarian stating that titer tests are performed on a routine basis and that your dog has sufficient immunity. A day before your reservation, we will contact your veterinarian to request this information.


All pets entering Green Acres are checked for fleas and must be flea free before they may enter daycare. All pets are checked for fleas daily in an effort to ensure that no guest goes home with fleas. If your pet is found to have fleas at the time of check in, they will need to have a flea bath and Capstar® prior to being admitted to the kennel, for which there will be an extra charge. We strongly encourage a discussion about the use of preventative flea products such as FrontLine® and Advantix® with your veterinarian.

Emergency Veterinary Care

If your pet should require veterinary care while staying with us, we will work with your veterinarian to provide the required care. Whenever possible, we will contact you or the person you designate at the emergency number you leave us, if such care should be required. Veterinary care is provided under the terms of Green Acres’ General Contract .


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