While we are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future - and who knows when it will be safe to fly again? - I want to say again and again, Nhattie had the absolutely BEST time with you this past visit.  She came home and really let us know that she’d been loved, cared for, attended to and was totally HAPPY!!
Thank you soooo much!
Ellen, 25MAR20

Do you have fur kids? If you want the best service, price & expertise - the only place to consider is Green Acres Kennel Shop. Don Hanson & Staff truly care about your fur children. While I can't say I've had the opportunity to use all of GAKS services, what I have used is amazing. When you walk in and the staff know your fur children's names, that's true customer service. GAKS truly takes the time to get to know your pets. The grooming is phenomenal and the toys & food are truly top notch. Before I found GAKS I tried many other places (including the big box stores) and was always disappointed. I highly recommend GAKS. Once you try them, you won't go anywhere else. – Kristy Kimball


First time boarding my dog a few years ago I brought him here, second time I brought him else where and he almost died... When dropping him off at green acres they allowed me to walk him back where all the dogs were so I could see the environment he would be in and walk him in his cage and love on him to know it was ok and I appreciated that so much... When I dropped him off at the other place they would not let me back with the dogs to walk him to his cage... I had a bad feeling right off after that... Also I called multiple times to check in with green acres and the staff was always honest with telling me he was nervous and drooling constantly, they never down played it... It made me cut my vacation short, but that’s ok because at least I knew to come home so he was ok... I tried a different place the second time traveling to see if his anxiety would be better... The other place would tell me he was doing great and wasn’t drooling at all when I called so


My husband and I attended many different courses at GAKS to include the puppy head start program, basic manners, and a more advanced training course that focuses on polite interactions with others. Green Acres focuses on positive reinforcement instead of the use of aversives. Riley loves all the staff members at Green Acres, especially owner Don Hanson and his stellar side-kick Ashley Charpentier. To be honest, I don’t know if we would have survived ‘puppyhood’ without them. Thank you for loving our baby as much as we do. Green Acres Kennel Shop will always hold a special place in our hearts. ? ???? – Ashley Mehuren, October 13, 2019


My dogs, Harvey and Ebby, has their very first “trial” of doggy daycare today. Harvey is a 95-pound Golden Retriever who has no idea he’s big! Ebby is a Lab we recently rescued. I had many concerns taking my dogs to daycare, but I also know it’s sometimes necessary and wanted to have them accustomed to it ahead of time. Harvey is a boisterous, 95-pound Golden, who has no idea his size! Ebby, being a rescue, concerned me because she has become so bonded with us that I wondered if this would cause her great anxiety, plus, there’s so much we don’t know about her. I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with one of the trainers expressing my concerns. After that conversation, I felt reassured that my babies would be in good hands, so I booked a “trial” day. I would do errands and shopping in Bangor, and was reassured they would call me if Ebby was seeming stressed. I dropped them off at 8:30. By 11:00, my own anxieties got the best of me and I HAD to


dee raymond testimonial


Very friendly staff ! Have taken our dog there several times for boarding. Would highly recommend! – Elizabeth Getchell (14OCT18)


I can never say it enough. Thank you to all who take care of my girl when I am gone. While she’d rather be with me and expressed that greatly when I dropped her off, I know she’s happy to be there if she can’t be with me. Then when I got the report card and she had fun with her friends and was even a bit cuddly, my heart beamed. I’ve been worried about my girl since Maggie & Dad’s passing and then her losing her yard when Mom moved. But I take her to play in the yard there sometimes and have had her stay there too a bit more than in the past and am thrilled she is doing so well. Thank you! – Brenda J. Gammon, BS, CTR (10SEP18)


I have an older Weimaraner that HATES water and being kenneled. Bath time is not much fun for her or us! She was in desperate need of a bath so I called Green Acres and asked if they could accommodate scheduling her at a time that I could bring her in and wait for her so she would not need to be kenneled at all. They scheduled us for a Friday 8am bath time. Upon our arrival we were greeted and Tessa was taken in for her bath. I ran a quick errand and came back to find Tessa on the grooming table getting towel dried. The look on this dog face was priceless!! She looked like she was on the runway at a Westminster competition! When she came out she looked awesome, smelled so much better, and her nails looked better then ever! You could tell she felt as good as she looked! Thank you to Taylor for taking good care of my girl and making this a very comfortable experience for both of us!! We will be back soon!! - Laurel Feeney Sanborn, 21JUL18


Thanks you for the great training sessions with Ringo. It has really helped a lot. Your staff is tremendous. Jerry & Ringo 11JUL18


Thanks you for the great training sessions with Ringo. It has really helped a lot. Your staff is tremendous. Jerry & Ringo 11JUL18


Thank you, Lindsay and Christina for a great experience with Max! It has been so good for him and we are excited to continue to work with him. He loves the keep away game with his prize gekko ????. Thanks again ~ Donna and Cary


We had a wonderful experience training at Green Acres. Based on compassion, kindness and positive reinforcement, my beloved Enzo and I learned better communication. Stellar trainers and excellent advice throughout our class. I look forward to Level 2 beginning soon!! Thank you to Don, Christina and Ashley!! – Kate Watts – DEC2017


Best dog trainers ever!! Both Annie & Bella attended the Basic Manners classes. Annie in fact, was the STAR pupil of the class. She EXCELLED! And the trainers used Annie to demonstrate new routines/manners/behaviors.

Bella, on the other hand, was just too playful & "puppyish", and just wanted to play with all of the other "students", and was constantly distracted & distracting to the other "students". We could NOT get her to "focus"!! So we made the decision not to complete the class, and instead, bring her back the following sessions in the Spring or Fall. However, Brian passed away, so we never did get Bella back! If i could have swung it financially, i would have!m returned with Bella for SURE!!

EXCELLENT classes!! The classes are very well taught, in a manner that makes it easy to continue the lessons learned, at home, and for years to come! WELL WORTH IT!! - Suzi Fleming Leeman, 22OCT17


I wanted to let you know how beautiful my Riley looked after she was groomed by Peggy. Riley and I have had a rough few months due to injuries and Riley's coat really needed some help. I picked up a clean, fluffy Husky who I am sure feels so much more comfortable :) thanks! – Jane Blay – July 2017

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