I am so thankful to have such good animal people that I can talk to, ask questions of and know that when I take Maggie and Sadie over to see you, whether it is a nail trim or just to say hi, that awesome people will be there.  The Sunday after Mom and Dad left I took the girls out for a ride and we stopped at Green Acres.  While Sadie could care less what happens.  Miss Maggie was beside herself that her Mom and Dad were gone.  And the person behind the counter sat on the floor with her and just loved her.  It’s so nice to have people that will do that.   So thank you – You ARE the best Kennel – EVER! – Brenda Gammon, August 2016


Attended the Basic Manners class with our mini Dachshund Alfie last summer- and one of our questions was: how can we help Alfie not be soooo terrified when we go to the Vets? It took 3 people to hold him for a nail trim- with a muzzle!! Yesterday- we went- he was happy, wagging his tail the whole time- no muzzle and almost no need for any special holds!! Everyone was happy- Alfie, us and the Vet and the tech!! Thank you Don and Lindsay - for sharing your gifts and love of our pooches!! Ellen B. – DEC2015Attended the Basic Manners class with our mini Dachshund Alfie


Hi--I just wanted to tell you both how much I have enjoyed this round of classes this year. Having both of you involved has made these sessions even more valuable--I always learn something new from Kate every single class. Lois is a great addition--she's experienced, kind, and very funny.

I just realized that I have now gone to eleven classes at Green Acres over the last decade. So at an average of six classes per session times 168 miles round trip, we've logged about 11,088 miles "going to school," a term Annie still understands, and she's now almost ten.

So thank you both.

Donna, Annie, Alex, and Griffey

P.S. Don, I think you need to add to your testimonials that a Golden retriever once chose you over treats!


I LOVE going to Green Acres for all of our pet supplies. Only the best for our rescues! – Martha Ohrenberger


Don and Paula,

Thank you Green Acres for taking such good care of my pets!  We've boarded our animals (2 cats and a dog) with you for several years, and also think your groomers, Amber and Paula, are simply the best.

A couple of weeks ago we travelled out of state and left all 3 furry friends there for about a week.  The day before our return, I got a call that my little dog was having some problems.  Amber took a look at her to see if she could find the cause of her discomfort.  They asked if I'd like her taken to our vet to be examined, rather than waiting until I came home.  I accepted this generous offer.  Paula drove my pup to our vet and had her checked out, got some medicine and brought her back to Green Acres.  I got a message while on the plane to explain what went on.  It was so good to know that my dog was being well-cared-for, and that any potential


Dear Don, I want to thank you for the comprehensive information on your site regarding e collars. In desperation, we purchased one for our dog. Unlike many folks referenced in the studies, I read a lot about how to use it before ever putting it on my dog. I then worked a few days using only the beep. Then I tried the next phase using the lowest setting. I did not like the results. Cagney showed me some apprehension toward me. (which is totally unacceptable and the last thing I ever want). I took the collar off immediately. After a bit, I was petting him and noticed he felt warmer on his belly and below. The whole thing didn't feel right so I am returning the collar. Cagney has a big problem with doorway behavior. He is extremely protective of me and my husband when anyone enters. And he has nipped at people when they have gotten up from the couch and walk across the room. I intend to go back to either my former behaviorist or someone else. But not to these


My chocolate lab Dyer loves the food he gets from Green Acres. Don and crew are the best. They take great care of him when I need to leave him and they are always willing to give advise when we have behavior problems. – Mark Holmes – AUG2014


As a first time puppy owner I don’t know that I would have made it through the first weeks of having a puppy without training class. I learned so much and it was helpful emotionally. As a first time dog owner I really liked learning that I wasn’t the only one having trouble with housebreaking, bite inhibition etc. It was like therapy! The headstart packet was easy to follow and allowed my husband, who wasn’t able to attend the class, to follow on with what I was learning. I really liked the puppy playtime. I felt I made the money I spent on class back with all of the coupons! An overall great experience. – Beth Ross, June 2014


Just wanted to let you know Camryn had a great time this weekend. We were completely satisfied with her stay. I loved the report card! Will defiantly reccomended you to our friends! Thanks for taking such great care of my baby girl!


Basic Manners is a wonderful class and was a great experience. I like the clicker training and positive reinforcement. Years ago I took a dog obedience class with choke collars and I always felt that wasn't the right way to go. This is! Thank you. - AN


Great staff, they treat our pup as if she was theirs. We just completed our first class with them and it was very enjoyable with great results.- Peter Gage


The training services are excellent (especially for first-time dog owners) I have recommended a few friends for this. The prices have everywhere else beat (don't even THINK about going to the big-box) and they have all the essentials your dog or cat needs. The hours are very convenient and the staff is top-notch. I have had my two labs groomed there and I was pleased. I had my cat (a Coon-ish shelter kitty) brought in for a lion cut and I was SO IMPRESSED. He loved it and so did I. If I lived closer I would shop there more often, but it is certainly worth the extra minute drive. I cannot comment on boarding/daycare as I use a facility closer to my home, but I know others who are very happy with that service. :) – Kaileigh Duym


Kind words from a behavior consultation and training client - You helped us with our Jack when we rescued him from BHS just a year ago. It made all the difference! That and taking the weekly training following the consult. Thanks so much, he is a great member of the family now. Now we are all rescued! - JD


Thank You so Much for taking Excellent Care of Max over the Hoilday week, Very Much Appreciate it. Happy New Year!!! - JM


[Puppy Headstart] was really a wonderful experience! As I’ve said, we’ve had 3 Westies before Digby, but we thought it would be good for him. Our children are grown so he is our “only child” and we’d like to do things right with him. He really loves people and loves other dogs, so this was great for him. Seeing how well the trainers interacted with him and the good results they had with him was very confidence inspiring and we are looking forward to starting his “Manners” class next. Thank you! J & M H.

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