"Thank you for your excellent care of Jill. It's the best boarding experience she has had!!" - LB


Great grooming! Amber did a terrific job! You are all so helpful whenever I come for retail needs, boarding, and training. It's a bonus that I live just a couple of minutes from your shop!! Thank you!! - MT and S, May 13, 2012



We were very impressed with the knowledge that every instructor had and their kindness to each puppy. We love that Green Acres promotes a reward system for good behavior instead of punishing dogs for unwanted behavior like some other obedience classes instruct. Leo loved attending class and gets very excited when we arrive at Green Acres. We're looking forward to Basic Manners. - Jamie Rheinhold & Leo, May 15. 2012


Puppy head-start was worth every penny! The instructors were excellent in their knowledge, patience and supportive nature. They did not make you feel like "bad puppy parents" but educated and supported your efforts to raise an excellent pet. Thank you very much. - KF - May 2012


Amber did a great job grooming my dog Coco. I will be back. - TS May 2012


I would be remiss if I didn’t write you a little something on how well your staff did today.


I dropped Snuggles and Thor off this morning for a grooming appointment.  Kate greeted us right off and even knew the fur kids by name.  We were checked in by Paula (not your lovely wife), but one of your new groomers.  She was very nice, attentive and listened to what I wanted done grooming wise for each doggie. 



I truly loved the opportunity to socialize my young puppy with other dogs around her age. Seeing her progress from the first class, where all she did was hide underneath me, to the final class, at which point she couldn't wait to play and run with the other puppies, was great! Our instructors were very calm amd knowledgable, which instilled confidence in the safety of the class.

I am very much looking forward to taking Basic Manners beginning at the end of this month. Thank you for the wonderful prgrams available at your facility!


Your staff was awesome. Just after one visit they remembered which dog I belonged to. I stopped by on the Open House Saturday and I was amazed they remembered me without Gracie. I was truly impressed. I will certainly be recommending Green Acres Kennel to other pet owners. Thanks for the great care and excellent customer services. - Robert (April 2012)


We liked knowing how the boys were while I was away. When we got home after grooming my boy pranced around the house so happy with his new haircut! Your atmosphere is warm and welcoming and I always know the boys will be treated like family. Thank you for all you do! - 17MAR12


We were very pleased Max's grooming didn't take long. We were very happy with with Paula, your kindness and the caring for the animals. - T&G C (MAR2012)


I just wanted to let you know Paula Alexander is a true asset to your staff. She is a true professional. I called her previous employer to book an appoinment for my dog and was told she was no longer there. I was crushed. I called everywhere to find her. My dog adores her and she does a great job grooming him. I will be back to Green Acres for grooming and may also look into the daycare program you provide. Thank you for providing this survey.

LC - 3/24/12



Don - A couple of months ago I contacted you about our dog, Gus, a stray we rescued who has prey drive. You took the time to call me and we spoke on the phone. You told me, not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear - that it takes time (8 months is not enough), throw away the shock collar, and not to let him off leash unless I was 99% sure Gus wouldn't run. I did listen to you and took your advice. I want to thank you so much for the time and the advice. Gus is now off leash around the house but not when we go for walks. He is bonding better with us and we trust him more and more with time. Gus and our family have a better life because of you and we have hope that we will be able to trust Gus even more in the future. He is a happy dog. Thank you!

-Mollie S.


"My dog and I have grown so much in our relationship due to this class [Puppy Headstart]. Thank you so much for the help and support! We are looking forward to Basic Manners."

-Sarah Vickers & Jax


I have been a customer of Green Acres Kennel Shop for at least the last 4 years and maybe longer.  It would be much easier for me to buy the food and toys for our dog at the grocery store I regularly go to but, I go out of my way to get our dog the great food at Green Acres.  I do this because I have seen that the quality of the food far exceeds the other brands at the grocery store.  My dog's weight is stable, his gums and teeth are healthy, and his coat is soft and smooth.  The toys are high quality and I know that whatever I buy for him, the toy is safe.  I get expert advice from the staff when asking questions about food, treats or toys.  Thank you Green Acres!


This is dedicated to Maggie (not a day goes by that I don't miss her):

I cannot say enough positive things about Green Acres Kennel.  Julie and I have had the pleasure of knowing Don, Paula and their wonderful staff for 10 years.  Our three dogs have experienced all aspects of the Green Acres expertise:  obedience training (two - Maggie and Bailey - became therapy dogs), boarding, grooming, nutritional counseling and most importantly friendship.  Maggie and Bailey have left a lasting impression at EMMC. I wish you could watch how excited the dogs are when we leave them at Green Acres.  They know they are respected and loved and get great care. 

A well behaved dog is a happy dog.  And a Green Acres dog is a happy, special dog.

Alan Garber, MD
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