I would be remiss if I didn’t write you a little something on how well your staff did today.


I dropped Snuggles and Thor off this morning for a grooming appointment.  Kate greeted us right off and even knew the fur kids by name.  We were checked in by Paula (not your lovely wife), but one of your new groomers.  She was very nice, attentive and listened to what I wanted done grooming wise for each doggie. 


When it was time to pick the kids up, Paula called me at the designated number I had given.  I arrived at your facility and Paula immediately put the dog away she was working on.  Kate came out to do the checkout.  Paula then came out to discuss how well my dogs did.  She went into detail which I appreciated.  They even received report cards.  Great touch!  However, I’m pretty sure Thor cheated on his grade…a perfect angel????  Ha!


It was a fantastic experience today and the whole thing from scheduling to pickup was smooth.  I picked up some Wysong Dentatreat per your previous suggestion to help with doggie bad breath.


Continued great service! – Definitely 8 paws & 2 thumbs up!


~Kristy Kimball


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