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On the air since December of 2004, The Woof Meow Show, Hosted by Don Hanson and Kate Dutra of Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, focuses on educating dog and cat guardians about their dogs and cats.

The Woof-Meow Show, airs every Saturday at 9 AM on The Pulse AM620, WZON and WKIT HD3.  Additionally, listeners have the option of listening to The Woof Meow Show via The Pulse AM620’s online stream at on their computer or their smartphone or tablet with the free WZON 620 AM app. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store.

Podcasts of the show are available after the show airs at and the Apple iTunes store.

Listeners can find a show schedule at Shows are also announced in advance on the shows FaceBook page at

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Topics in the past have included: Acupuncture for Pets, Adopting Pets, Cat Friendly Veterinary Care, Dealing with a Barking Dog, Dental Health, Dog Bite Prevention, Feeding A Raw Diet, Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets, Homeopathic Veterinary Care, Housetraining, Insurance Issues for Pets, Listener Questions, Litterbox Training, National Train Your Dog Month, Off-Leash Group Play for Dogs, Pet Obesity, Picking the Perfect Pet, Remembering Your Pet In Your Will, Seasonal Pet Health and Safety Tips, Pet Nutrition, Service and Assistance Dogs, Spaying and Neutering,  Vaccinations, Wellness exams, and many others. Past guests on the show have been local veterinarians (Dr. David Cloutier, Dr. Mark Hanks, Dr. Judy Herman, Dr. Mike McCaw, Dr. Chris Miles, and Dr. Michael Munzer), Nutrition Experts (Steve Brown, Gary Bursell, Dr. Nathaniel Cook, Nicole Lindsley, Bette Schubert, and Dr. Al Townshend), Vaccination expert Dr. Ron Schultz, Dog trainers and authors (Mychelle Blake, Susan Briggs, Teresa Lewin, Diana Logan, Melissa McCue-McGrath, Pat Miller, Colleen Pelar, Jennifer Shryock,  Niki Tudge and Joel Walton,) Local Non-Profits (Bangor Humane Society-Suzan Bell, Eastern Area Agency on Aging- Robert Crone, Penobscot Theater-Bari Newport ) Pet Photographer-Debra Bell, Filmmaker-Professor Chad Montrie, and Attorney-Christina Perkins.

The most recent show is released as a podcast at 1 PM Saturday afternoon. Shows from as far back as show #1 from 2004 can be found at the Apple iTunes store and our podcast page at


Upcoming Shows

• 21JUL18 – Listener Questions #33
• 28JUL18 – ENCORE: Cats & Cerebellar Hypoplasia with Stephanie Fournier of Cerebellar Hypoplasia Advocates of Maine (Original Air Date 10FEB18)
• 4AUG18 – The Importance of Annual Wellness and Preventative Veterinary Care with Dr. Katie Carter
• 11AUG18 – The Bangor Humane Society Paws on Parade

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