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Holiday Sale - Friday, November 26th thru Tuesday, November 30th


We have several items on sale as we open the 2022 holiday shopping season on Black Friday, November 26th, through Giving Tuesday, November 30th. We appreciate your shopping local!

Hopefully, when you come in to pick up some gifts, you will also be willing to donate to our annual fundraiser for the Eastern Area Agency on Aging Furry Friends Food Bank – greenacres-donate.com

You will find a complete list of items on sale below. 


Cat & Dog Treats

Fussie Cat Puree Treats – 25% OFF – This new treat is perfect for your favorite felines. It's creamy in texture, rich in taste, and formulated with carefully sourced, simple, wholesome ingredients. You can use it as a special treat or as a way of enticing your finicky feline to eat.

 fussie cat purees


Grandma Lucy's Organic Oven-Baked Dog Treats – 10% OFF – Over the years, these tasty treats have been a favorite of our clients who want to bring home a delicious biscuit safe to snack on with their dogs. And guess what, they are perfectly safe for human consumption. The human members of our team have been known to chow down on the treats along with the dogs. Did I mention they make a gift for your friends with a dog?

 grandma lucys organic dog treats



Dog & Cat Toys

ALL Benebone Dog Chews – 15% OFF – In our opinion, Benebone makes the best durable dog chews available. They're filled with real flavor and come in shapes that make it easier and safe for them to enjoy their time chewing. So if your dog doesn't have a Benebone collection, now is the time to start one.































FabCat Happy Camper, Gone Fishing & Deep Sea Cat Teasers – 10% OFF –

This wide variety of toys are filled with organic catnip grown in North America. They will tempt your kitty into playing and chasing, with or without the optional wand.

fab cat toys










 FabDog Dog Toys – 10% OFF – These dog toys come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to brighten up your dog's play area. In addition, there are a wide variety of critters and even doggie pizza, fries, and a cheeseburger.

fab dog toys






















Hero Chuckle Dog Toys – 15% OFF – Hero Chuckles plush dog toys are more durable than comparable plush toys, resemble cute, cuddly animal characters, and are designed in custom patterns of bright, fun colors! In addition, each character contains the new, innovative and patented, Chatterbox™, a unique device that emits a symphony of three distinct sounds, including a crunch, squeak, and chuckle, which are safely contained within a protective tube. Depending on the position of the toy, Chatterbox emits a symphony of sounds keeping dogs engaged longer!

chuckles toys

chuckles toys 2


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