Don and Paula,

Thank you Green Acres for taking such good care of my pets!  We've boarded our animals (2 cats and a dog) with you for several years, and also think your groomers, Amber and Paula, are simply the best.

A couple of weeks ago we travelled out of state and left all 3 furry friends there for about a week.  The day before our return, I got a call that my little dog was having some problems.  Amber took a look at her to see if she could find the cause of her discomfort.  They asked if I'd like her taken to our vet to be examined, rather than waiting until I came home.  I accepted this generous offer.  Paula drove my pup to our vet and had her checked out, got some medicine and brought her back to Green Acres.  I got a message while on the plane to explain what went on.  It was so good to know that my dog was being well-cared-for, and that any potential problem had been caught in time.

We are so impressed that the Green Acres staff was observant, caring and willing to go out of their way for our dog.  Thank you for providing the best care possible.

Eileen H.


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