My dogs, Harvey and Ebby, has their very first “trial” of doggy daycare today. Harvey is a 95-pound Golden Retriever who has no idea he’s big! Ebby is a Lab we recently rescued. I had many concerns taking my dogs to daycare, but I also know it’s sometimes necessary and wanted to have them accustomed to it ahead of time. Harvey is a boisterous, 95-pound Golden, who has no idea his size! Ebby, being a rescue, concerned me because she has become so bonded with us that I wondered if this would cause her great anxiety, plus, there’s so much we don’t know about her. I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with one of the trainers expressing my concerns. After that conversation, I felt reassured that my babies would be in good hands, so I booked a “trial” day. I would do errands and shopping in Bangor, and was reassured they would call me if Ebby was seeming stressed. I dropped them off at 8:30. By 11:00, my own anxieties got the best of me and I HAD to stop by to check on the babies. I’m sure the staff thought I was insane, but they were so wonderful. The trainer on duty happily gave me an update on their day (all 2-1/2 hours of it so far) and I went on my way to finish my shopping in Bangor. When I returned to pick them up, I was again given an update on how their afternoon went. It appears the babies did better with the separation than I did! This is only day one, but I’m honestly impressed with the staff and feel like I can trust my babies in their care. Oh, another plus, my dogs have been sleeping all evening!! We will be back for another day of doggy daycare and will very likely utilize Green Acres for any overnight boarding needs we may have in the future.

By Rhonda Mitchell, March 2, 2019


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