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Green Acres Kennel Shop is the ideal cat boarding facility for your furry friend while you are away. Green Acres feline guests stay in our upstairs, air conditioned cattery; well separated from our canine guests. We have a total of 12 Kitty Condos, 10 of a vertical design, complete with climbing trees, and 2 of a horizontal design for our senior, less mobile cats. Depending on their length of stay and comfort level, our feline guests may also be rotated through our cat playroom, which includes cat furniture and a window for watching the outside.

We offer a wide-range of room service options for our cat guests, ranging from social activities like playtime to special treats and grooming. Activity is important, so most clients opt for playtime for their pet. We encourage you to checkout all of our room service options for cat boarding in Bangor, Maine, and cat boarding in Maine at Green Acres. Contact us today to book a reservation!

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