Room Service Options for Cats

Green Acres offers a wide variety of room service options for our feline guests. These services include opportunities for play and social interaction and grooming. Each service is described below. Prices for these services may change. Call to confirm pricing when you make your reservation.

Social Activities

Contrary to popular belief, most cats are very social animals and treasure time spent with others. Green Acres offers the following optional, additional social activities for your feline friend while they are with us.

Individual Play & Snuggle Time – Indoor play for your cat with one of our staff and a variety of interactive toys. This service is recommended for the youngsters and other cats that enjoy a regular game of "catch the toy" or some other stimulating activity. At $3.00 per playtime, this service is available once or twice a day, or a specific number of times during your cat's stay with us.


We offer the following grooming options, all performed by one of our professional Groomers.

Nail Trim – Is your cat scratching your carpeting or furniture? At only $10.00, but may be more depending onyour cats behavior. Nail trims are a bargain (particularly compared to a new couch).

Brushing – Help your cat to look and feel its best. We strongly recommend this service for all long haired cats staying with us more than 3 days to prevent matting. The price for this service depends on the breed, condition of the coat, and your cat's behavior. Please note that this service may not be possible for all cats; particularly those that are severely matted or may be anxious about handling.



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