Liver Biscotti Treats for Dogs

Suzanne Pickett was a graduate chef who had been working for a catering company for 13 years. She took her skills and creativity a step further when she created Liver Biscotti, a treat with a long shelf life (but no preservatives) that dogs love!

The Liver Biscotti original recipe uses USDA inspected and approved beef liver, organic flours, and fresh veggies. The treats are small and low in fat, which makes them excellent for training. They are very crunchy and have a magnificent smell and flavor that dogs go crazy for!

There are two varieties of Liver Biscotti: Original Recipe and Sensitive. The Sensitive recipe does not contain wheat or eggs. Each variety comes in a "Small Bites" form for smaller dogs, cats, and intensive training. All varieties come in 8 oz packages.

Original Recipe ~1 Beef Liver, Whole Wheat Flour, Bran Flour, Water, Carrots ****
Sensitive Recipe ~1 Beef Liver, Oat & Barley Flour, Water, Carrots, Applesauce ****

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