Dog Treats - Chewing
Dog Treats - Chewing

Dogs chew when they are bored and anxious, or simply to exercise their jaws and teeth. The truth is that many dogs need to chew, a lot! By providing them with a high quality, tasty chewing treat you can help to prevent them from chewing on your personal belongings. It is always a good idea to provide your dog with supervision when chewing.

At Green Acres our key requirements for a chewing treat are: 1) palatability – the dog must really want it, 2) wholesome quality ingredients – we need to feel good about feeding it to our dog, 3) safe – the treat must pose no danger to your dog, and 4) the treat must be reasonably long lasting. We have found the products listed below to work very well as chew treats.


Bravo! is a pet food company whose mission is to provide pets with the best nutrition possible using only high quality ingredients and making them available to animals in their natural state, raw. One of the advantages of raw foods is their ability to provide nutrition that has not been degraded by the cooking process. When you feed a Bravo! product, you can be assured that your dog is only eating high-quality human grade, grass fed, antibiotic-free meats and bones. In addition to their foods, Bravo! also offers a full line of "chewables."

Grandpa Louie's Homestyle Pet Treats

These are 100% natural beef bones with the tasty marrow remaining inside. The bones have been dried so that they will last longer and are not messy. They are a product of the United States, which means they are processed according to U.S. regulations. (Bones from other countries may have questionable processing techniques and may contain dangerous chemicals to treat or preserve the bones.)

Grandpa Louie's bones come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Greenies & Pnutz for Dogs

Greenies are tasty treats proven to control plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth. Independent studies showed that, if given one Greenie a day, the tartar buildup on teeth was reduced by 62%! There was a 14% reduction in plaque formation, a 77% reduction in dental stain formation, and a 31% reduction in bad breath. In fact, Greenies are the only edible treat that have been given the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance. Best of all, most pets will do just about anything to get one of those scrumptious Greenies.

This chewable contains no by-products or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

The Greenies for Dogs are available at Green Acres Kennel Shop in four sizes: Teenie (43/bag), Petite (30/bag), Regular (18/bag), and Large (12/bag). Please feed the Greenies size which is appropriate for your pet.

Please be aware that the regular and large size Greenies treats contain a large amount of calories and should not

KONG Stuff'n Paste

The KONG Stuff'n Pastes make stuffing a KONG toy that much simpler for you and tastier for your dog. Just a bit of the paste on the inside of the KONG will help hold in those treats.

The pastes come in cans designed for easy distribution (similar to a canned whipped cream bottle). There are two flavors, both of which come in 8 oz cans.

KONG Stuff'n Snaps

The Snaps are made from over 90% range-fed beef liver from hormone-free cattle. The ingredients are all natural, human-grade, and do not contain preservatives. Snaps are designed so that they fit snugly into your dog's KONG, giving him minutes or hours of chewing satisfaction (time is dependant on your "stuff'n skills").

The Snaps come in two flavors: Liver and Peanut Butter. Each flavor comes in Large and Mini sized biscuits in 11 oz and 7 oz boxes respectively.

Merrick Hooves

Merrick, a family-owned company, has been ranked number two for best selling treats in pet stores across the U.S. (Pet Retailer Report). The company tries to keep the processing of their treats to a minimum and never adds artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All Merrick treats are American and have USDA sourced ingredients. When you feed a Merrick treat, you can be confident that your dog is happily chewing on something nutritionally safe.

Each of the Original Hooves and Hoofers are individually wrapped in plastic for ultimate freshness.

Nylabone Edibles

Nylabone Edibles are tough, bone-shaped chews that are completely digestible for your dog! They can be a safer, tasty alternative to feeding traditional rawhide treats. Depending upon the voracity of a dog's chewing, Nylabone Edibles can last from minutes to days. Nylabone Edibles are made of natural ingredients and contain no plastics and no added sugars. It should be noted however that many of the flavors do contain by-products.

As with all chew products, Green Acres Kennel Shop advises that you monitor your dog while he chews to be sure that he does not bite off and try to swallow large pieces of the treat. For safer chewing, please buy a bone size appropriate for the size of your dog.

The Nylabone Edibles come in many flavors and a variety of sizes: Petite (3.75" in length), Regular (4.5" in length), Regular Triple Pack, Wolf (5.5" in length), Giant (8" in length), and Souper (7.75" in length).

While Nylabone does not provide

Pet Factory, Inc.

The Pet Factory, merely 10 years old, is the only company that manufactures American Beefhide products solely in the U.S. They work hard to design thick, quality chews for healthy, long lasting chewing enjoyment.

Pet Factory rawhide comes exclusively from corn-fed cattle within the United States. Only in the U.S. is the fresh rawhide guaranteed to be refrigerated during shipping, preventing spoilage and the need for chemical additives. The hide is cleaned, cut, and then formed into a particular shape. Next the beef-hide is oven dried, which prevents over-drying (smooth, shiny areas indicate over-drying and your dog may not be able to soften and chew such an area). The American Beefhide is then ready to satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew!

Note: Buying rawhide products which are not 100% American made can mean that the quality of the rawhide is less than ideal.

Red Barn

Red Barn has a large selection of treats, all from natural body parts of a variety of animals.

Red Barn Bully Sticks

Red Barn Filled Bones are white femur bones, which are stuffed with either a yummy "peanut-y" mixture or a tasty cheese and bacon mixture. They come in 3 inch or 6 inch sized bones. One of the down sides of these bones is the filling ingredients, but the dogs absolutely love them!


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