Nylabone Edibles

Nylabone Edibles are tough, bone-shaped chews that are completely digestible for your dog! They can be a safer, tasty alternative to feeding traditional rawhide treats. Depending upon the voracity of a dog's chewing, Nylabone Edibles can last from minutes to days. Nylabone Edibles are made of natural ingredients and contain no plastics and no added sugars. It should be noted however that many of the flavors do contain by-products.

As with all chew products, Green Acres Kennel Shop advises that you monitor your dog while he chews to be sure that he does not bite off and try to swallow large pieces of the treat. For safer chewing, please buy a bone size appropriate for the size of your dog.

The Nylabone Edibles come in many flavors and a variety of sizes: Petite (3.75" in length), Regular (4.5" in length), Regular Triple Pack, Wolf (5.5" in length), Giant (8" in length), and Souper (7.75" in length).

While Nylabone does not provide information on the amount of calories in their edible product line, we suspect that the amount of calories in the Wolf, Giant and Souper sizes is significant. Please be aware that these sizes should not be used if your dog is overweight. Even if your dog is at an ideal weight, these treats should be used in moderation and the size of your dogs meals should be adjusted on the day these treats are given.

Bacon & Egg Flavored  Not Available Rawhide, Casein, Pork Products, Bacon Flavor, Egg Flavor **
Bacon Cheeseburger Flavor  Not Available Rawhide, Casein, Pork Products, Bacon Flavor, Cheeseburger Flavor **
Bacon Flavored  Not Available Beef By-products, Protein Colloid, Casein, Natural Bacon Flavor. **
Beef Jerky Flavored  Not Available Rawhide, Casein, Protein Colloid, Beef Jerky Flavor, Added Color (Red 3) **
Carrot Flavored  Not Available Beef By-products, Carrots, Casein, Protein Colloid, Natural Flavor **
Ham & Cheese Flavored  Not Available Beef By-products, Protein Colloid, Casein, Natural Ham Flavor, Natural Flavor **
Peanut Flavored  Not Available Beef By-products, Peanuts, Casein, Protein Colloid, Starch Carbohydrate (humectant) **
Roar-Hide  Not Available Molded, Sterilized Rawhide, Casein. ***
Spearmint Breath-Bone  Not Available Potato Starch, Calcium Carbonate, Parsley, Liver, Spearmint. **
Edible Chew Brush  Not Available Beef By-products, Collagen Protein, Casein, Pork By-products, Bacon Flavor **

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Stop by the store and talk to our knowledgeable staff about Nylabone Edibles or checkout their webpage at http://www.nylabone.com/.


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