Pooch Passions Freeze Dried Liver for Dogs

These freeze dried liver treats are made from 100% real beef or chicken liver. There are absolutely no preservatives or other ingredients added. The freeze-drying process rapidly eliminates moisture from the liver, which locks in the freshness and flavor of the raw liver. It also allows the product to be stored without refrigeration.

Pooch Passions Freeze Dried Liver comes in approximately1 inch cubes which are easy to work with. Here at Green Acres Kennel Shop we often recommend using this treat as your "special treat"—a highly motivating treat that is used only in specific circumstances, such as training your dog to come on cue.

Because the Freeze Dried Liver is so rich, be careful not to feed your dog too much at one time. More than the recommended serving size may cause digestive upset in some dogs.

The Beef Liver comes in 2 oz, 4 oz, 14 oz, and 21 oz re-closable bags. The Chicken liver is slightly lighter in weight so it comes in 1.5 oz, 3 oz, 10.7 oz, and 16 oz re-closable bags (the number of Chicken Liver cubes per bag should correspond to that in a comparable sized Beef Liver bag).

Beef Liver Not available 100% Beef Liver ****
Chicken Liver Not available 100% Chicken Liver ****

To Learn More

Stop by the store and talk to our knowledgeable staff about Pooch Passions Freeze Dried Liver or checkout their webpage at http://www.petgoodsmfg.com/treats/beef_liver.html for Beef Liver or http://www.petgoodsmfg.com/treats/chicken_liver.html for Chicken Liver.


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