Charlee Bear Treats for Dogs

When purchasing treats for our pets, it can be easy to forget that nutrition and calories are still important factors that must be considered. That is why Steve Brown (yes, the creator of Steve's Real Food for Pets) created Charlee Bear Treats. They are a non-greasy treat made from all natural ingredients and contain less than three calories each! Compare that to a normal dog biscuit which can have over 100 calories. Another wonderful advantage to the Charlee Bear Treats is that they are relatively small (12 Charlee Bear Treats are about equal to the size of one medium sized biscuit). The small size is ideal for training when you need to use lots of treats that your dog can consume rapidly and that won't pack on the pounds.

Charlee Bear Treats come in two flavors and are available in three sizes: a 6 oz re-closable bag, a 16 oz re-closable bag, and a 17 oz plastic jar.

Cheese & Egg <3 Durham Wheat, Cheese, Egg, Salt, Brewers Yeast, ****
Liver <3 Durham Wheat, Poultry Liver, Salt, Garlic Powder ****

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