To ensure the health of all pets at Green Acres, we will need to see proof of vaccination for rabies for your pet, and either proof of vaccination or immunity for distemper. Proof of immunity requires a letter from your veterinarian stating that titer tests are performed on a routine basis and that your pet has sufficient immunity, and presently does not need revaccination. In an effort to make the check in process more efficient, a day or two prior to your pet’s arrival we will attempt to obtain this information from your veterinarian. Please note however, that not all veterinarians will release this information so be sure to have it available should it be needed.

Emergency Veterinary Care

If your pet should require veterinary care while with us, we will work with your veterinarian and the local Emergency Veterinary Clinic to provide the required care. Whenever possible, we will contact you or the person you designate at the emergency number you leave us, if such care should be required. Veterinary care is provided under the terms of Green Acres’ General Contract.


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