Grooming Rates - Dogs

dog standing groom Full Grooming

The price for a full grooming for your pet depends upon the actual time it takes for the grooming as well as the specific services requested. Several variables affect the amount of grooming time:

  • Breed - breed affects size, coat type and sometimes behavior.
  • Size in Relation to Breed Standard – Our base rates are based upon the norms for a breed, however many breeds vary widely in size; for example Golden Retrievers can range from 40# up to 120#. Obviously, the larger the pet, the more there is to groom and the longer it takes.
  • Coat Type - short haired pets are easier to brush, wash and generally require no clipping; double coated and long haired pets can take much longer.
  • Coat Condition – pets groomed regularly, or that receive weekly home care, will require less work, thus less time. Combing out matting can be an extensive process. While shaving out matts is quicker, it requires extra equipment and if a coat is dirty a groomer may go through several blades before the job is complete, directly increasing cost.
  • Age and Health - a pet needs to stand for much of the grooming process and some older pets or pets with arthritis find this difficult, meaning that the pet stylist may need assistance from another staff member to help support your pet during the grooming or may need to work more slowly to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Behavior and Temperament - a pet can be anxious, over-excited and wiggly, or angry and snappy. Our main concerns are your pet’s comfort and everyone's safety. Some pets will require two people during the grooming process or extra time and care to ensure safety and comfort.

We cannot give a firm quote without our groomer having the opportunity to meet your dog.

Nail Trimming

$10 (additional charge may apply for challenging dogs that require more than one person)


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