Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring with us when we have our pet groomed?

There are several things you should bring with you when you have your pet groomed for the first time.

  • If it is your pet's first visit, we will need to see proof of vaccination for Rabies, and either proof of vaccination or immunity for DHLP for dogs and FRCP cats. Proof of immunity requires a letter from your veterinarian stating that titer tests are performed routinely and that your pet has sufficient immunity, and currently does not need to be revaccinated. While we do not require the Bordetella vaccination for dogs being groomed, we do recommend it.
  • While not required, it is always helpful for the groomers to have a photo of what style you desire for your pet. The groomer’s ability to do a specific clip however will depend on the condition of your pet as well as their coat type and their behavior.
  • An emergency phone number where we can contact you or someone who can act on your behalf if we have questions or if your pet requires veterinary care.
  • If your pet will be picked up by someone other than yourself, please leave us with the name and phone number of the person(s) authorized to pick up your pet.  No pet will be released until your account is settled.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Most pets benefit from a grooming every 6-8 weeks. If your dog or cat has a long coat that becomes easily matted, and if you do not brush them several times a week, your pet would benefit from being groomed more frequently.

What if my pet’s coat is severely matted?

Green Acres’ groomers will try to comb or brush out any matts however, if they feel the animal is experiencing any discomfort, it will be necessary to shave the matt out with clippers. In very severe cases this may result in a shave down of the pet's entire body.

What if my pet has fleas?

Each pet that is groomed at Green Acres will be checked for fleas. Any pet found to have fleas or flea dirt will have a flea bath with an EPA registered flea shampoo.

How long does the grooming process take?

While length of time varies from animal to animal due to different sizes, style requested, coat condition, and behavior you can reasonably expect to leave your pet anywhere from 2 to 5 hours on average . The grooming process is generally a three stage sequence in which pets are first "roughed out," then bathed and dried, after which a finish is done. If you leave us with a phone number, we will be happy to call you as soon as your pet is completed with its grooming.


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