Meet Our Professional Pet Stylists

08 08 20 gaks groomer lauren 83 webA good groomer will have the eye of an artist, the hands of a skilled craftsman, the knowledge of a pet care professional, and the patience of a saint. Grooming ability comes from a natural love of animals, a solid education, and lots of experience.

Lauren Breton started her career at Green Acres in 2014 as a Pet Care Technician taking care of the daily needs of the dogs and cats staying with us. That involved fun things like playtime but also hard work like scrubbing kennels and picking up poop. Over time Lauren became interested in grooming and started assisting the groomers with baths, nail trims, and full grooms. Since the fall of 2019, Lauren has been our full-time groomer. The dogs and their families love her work, as do we!

As part of the team, Lauren recognizes that not all pets enjoy being groomed. She recommends developing a relationship in small doses to make the process fun for pet and groomer. Also, if a senior pet cannot be comfortably groomed in one session, she recommends multiple sessions for optimal results.

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