Green Acres is pleased to be offering these Maine-made, all natural and organic dog biscuits from Barkwheats. These biscuits come in two varieties: Ginger and Parsley and SeaVeg and Chamomile. Each tasty treat is soy, corn and gluten free. Buckwheat pancakes were a rare treat for me in my childhood so I had to give these treats a try. Buckwheat with a hint of ginger is a delightful combination! Tikken and Dulcie are worried I might abscond with their Barkwheat biscuits!

Ginger and Parsley 23 calories per biscuit Organic buckwheat flour, organic ginger powder, organic parsley, organic free-range eggs, honey, organic safflower oil and water ****
SeaVeg and Chamomile 23 calories per biscuit Organic buckwheat flour, organic bladderwrack powder, organic chamomile, organic free-range eggs, honey, organic safflower oil and water ****

Barkwheats are hand-crafted by Chris Roberts from ingredients predominantly from Maine (buckwheat flower, raw honey, free-range eggs, bladderwrack powder and parsley). The ginger and chamomile come from Oregon. Ginger does not grow in Maine and Chris is looking for a source of Maine grown chamomile.

The packaging for Barkwheats is attractive, but more importantly it's made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. The inner cellophane bag is created from sustainably-harvested cottonwood trees.

In addition to loving these biscuits, we really like the company! Barkwheats has a three-pronged mission statement that they call their "Triple Bottom Line." You can read their mission below:

Social Mission: Barkwheats Dog Biscuits is dedicated to the enhancement of human life by bringing wholesome and nutritious food to the dogs that make our lives complete. Barkwheats participates in community forums and discussions, bringing ideas on sustaining local business and agriculture in Maine.
Environmental Mission: Barkwheats purchases more than 95% of the ingredients used from Maine sources, mostly within the Mid Coast region. By purchasing locally, we help to sustain small, local farms and the communities surrounding them. Our ingredients are all natural and organic, sustaining a healthy ecology. Our packaging is made of a 100% recycled box and a biodegradable cellulose bag, reducing the waste stream otherwise created.
Economic Mission: Barkwheats Dog Biscuits sustains profitability in part by minimizing costs associated with, but not limited to: energy consumption, waste elimination, and ingredient transport, use of hand operated machinery, CFL lights, re-using and recycling, and purchasing local goods and services.

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