Selecting a Pet
Finding the Right Dog & Breeder

Dogs can make wonderful companions, but not every dog is the right dog for you.

Getting a dog is a 10 to 15 year commitment, so it is imperative that you pick the best breed for your family, and the best individual dog. Picking the right dog is an important decision, and one you should research thoroughly before making a commitment. Once you think you have decided on a breed, do lots of reading, talk to others with the breed as well as pet professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, kennel operators, and groomers. Make sure you ask about both the good and bad points of a specific breed. None are perfect dogs for everybody.

  1. When looking for a breeder, you want to look for the following traits:They will only breed one or two litters a year. The best breeders will have committed homes for their puppies before the mother is ever bred and therefore will probably have waiting lists. They will not need to advertise in the newspaper or

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