Cat Behavior and Training
Getting Your Cat to Like Their Carrier

Getting Your Cat to Like Their Carrier

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Using a carrier is the safest way to transport an animal from your home to another location. I would particularly discourage anyone from transporting a cat that is not secured in a carrier. No matter how well behaved your cat is, if you are in an accident your cat will be terrified and will do everything they can to get away.


Grooming For Cats

Do cats really need to be groomed?

Many cats do keep themselves quite clean, the exception often being obese or geriatric cats, however all cats, even short-haired ones, can benefit from some grooming assistance. Long-haired cats, which are designed by humans, not nature, must be combed regularly to prevent matting, particularly on their backsides and undersides.

If you have a kitten, getting them accustomed to being brushed will most certainly payoff in the long run. You should start right off by introducing them to brushing for very brief periods of time, interspersed with play and treats. This will help them to adjust to and tolerate being combed and handled. Remember, it is always important to end each session on a positive note!

How do I comb my cat?

There is no question that combing a cat can be a challenge, particularly if they were never habituated to it as kittens. What is important to

Inappropriate Elimination (Urination & Defecation)

The "Woof-Meow" show is on every Sunday at 8:30PM on WVOM, 103.9FM, the Voice of Maine. Hosted by Don Hanson of Green Acres Kennel Shop, the show focuses on educating dog and cat guardians about their dogs and cats.

AIR DATE: Sunday, May 31st, 2009
GUEST: Don Hanson & Kate Dutra

"Inappropriate" Scratching

Just like dogs need to chew, cats need to scratch; however, we often find this scratching to be inappropriate because it can damage our furniture and home. This handout discusses how to manage and deal with your cats inappropriate scratching while still giving them an acceptable outlet for this very important cat behavior.

Getting Started with Your New Cat or Kitten

The Changing Role of The Cat

Cats have surpassed dogs as the number one pet in the country with 37 percent of homes having at least one cat residing in them. A large part of the reason for cats rise in popularity is due to the changes that are occurring in our lifestyles. Many people are now living in more populated areas with smaller yards as well as high rises and apartment buildings which are not always conducive to owning a dog. Additionally, we have become a very busy culture and people often believe that a cat will require less time and energy than a dog. Recent estimates are that there are now roughly 60 million cats living as pets in the United States today.

Unfortunately, however, too many people erroneously assume that having a cat requires little to no work and are troubled when their pet develops habits of which they do not approve. Many of these habits can be appropriately directed and it is important to start off on the right


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