California Natural Grain-Free Diets

Because of California Natural's healthy, natural ingredients and the fact that they use so few ingredients in their formulas, California Natural pet foods have always been one of our first recommendations for pets that have food allergy or intolerance issues. Their foods are limited to 3 central ingredients. For example the Chicken Meal and Rice formula includes; chicken meal, brown rice, rice and sunflower oil. A pet food can't be much simpler.

Since California Natural comes in three adult formulas (chicken, lamb, and herring) it has also been an excellent choice for pet guardians that want to rotate between different protein and carbohydrate sources; a practice we have been recommending for healthy dogs since 2005 (see Alternating Your Dogs Food Makes Sense at our web site at and read Kate's newest article - Why Rotating Diets Makes Sense at This process is now even easier and with more variety, with the introduction of California Natural’s five grain free formulas (chicken, lamb, salmon, venison, and kangaroo). California Natural recognizes the value of rotational feeding ( and its benefits; minimization of pickiness and boredom with diet, reduced development of food sensitivity and food intolerance, and the more diverse intake of macro and micronutrients.

For the above reasons and more, California Natural is a popular choice for our clients. Natura, California Natural's parent company, provides Green Acres with a frequent buyer program which allows us to provide you with a free bag of food after you purchase 10 bags of food. All we need to do is to clip the barcode off your bag at the time of purchase and when we have accumulated 10 barcodes for you, we send it to Natura and they send you a coupon good for free product at Green Acres.

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