Pure Vita


PureVita™ is a product of KLN Enterprises, a family-owned company in Perham, Minnesota. The company started making pet food in 1964 and has gone through many transitions and for a time was sold to other companies. In 2001 the Nelson family bought the company back and in 2003 entered the super-premium pet food business with their NutriSource line for dogs and cats. They introduced the Pure Vita foods in July of 2008 and less than a year later all of their Pure Vita formulas made The Whole Dog Journal’s list of recommended foods.

Pure Vita makes dry and canned food for both dogs and cats. All of the foods are a holistic formulation using a single protein source – ideal for a pet with food allergies or food intolerance issues. All Pure Vita foods are complete and balanced for all life stages, from a puppy/kitten to a senior.

Why we like this food

  • The company is family owned and works closely with local suppliers of the raw ingredients used to make the food. They know their sources and are passionate about producing a quality product.
  • Because PureVita uses a single protein source, it is ideal for a pet with food allergies or food intolerance issues.
  • They offer several formulas, making it easy to rotate your pet’s diet, helping to ensure optimal health. (See – Why Rotating Diets Makes Sense).
  • The food is a great value but becomes an even greater value because of their frequent buyer program available through Green Acres Kennel Shop.

Frequent Buyer Program

Green Acres Kennel Shop is pleased to be able to offer a frequent buyer program for all NutriSource products. This program will allow you to combine purchases of NutriSource®, Pure Vita™ and Natural Planet Organics™ on one card, giving you the freedom to rotate diets as we recommend. After purchasing 12 items, you will get the 13th for free. The item you get free will be the least expensive of the items recorded on the card.

Company Contact Information

Toll Free: 800-525-9155

Website: http://www.nutrisourcedogfood.com/purevita



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