Pet Food Brands

Based on our experience with our own pets and our experience in the pet care industry since 1995 we believe that a pet’s nutrition is one of the most important factors to their live a long, healthy and happy life. We have seen firsthand the benefits of feeding a quality pet food and know that all pet foods are NOT equal.

Our nutritional mission at Green Acres Kennel Shop has three components; 1) to remain current with new nutritional information that effects pet food, 2) to educate people by sharing what we learn about pet nutrition, and 3) to offer a range of pet foods that meets our quality criteria and a wide range of budgets.

Pet food brands that we carry are: Bravo, California Natural, Eagle Pack, Evanger’s, Evo Fromm, Holistic Select, Innova, Merrick, Murr, Natural Planet Organics, Nutrisource, Primal, Pro Pac, Purevita, Solid Gold, Stella and Chewy’s, Steve’s Real Food for Pets, Wellness, Weruva, and Wysong. In some case we carry a company’s complete line of foods and in other cases we may only carry select SKU’s that clients have requested. If we do not carry a food you are looking for we may be able to get it as a special order or maybe able to offer you a better alternative. We do not carry every food that is offered to us because quite frankly many do not meet our criteria for quality.

We encourage you to explore the articles on our website that discuss pet nutrition.


Wysong-logo-smWysong is owned and run by veterinarian, Dr. Randy Wysong. He is the only President of a pet food company that routinely recommends that the best diet for our pets is NOT Wysong's processed food or anyone else's commercial product, but instead, is fresh, whole foods as provided by nature. He readily admits that processed foods, even Wysong's, are only second best to what nature provides. Dr. Wysong also recognizes the value in rotating what we feed our pets, and was recommending it long before we started doing so at Green Acres. (see Alternating Your Dogs Food Makes Sense). Wysong now offers their food in a variety pack to make it convenient to routinely alternate your dog's diet.

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