September 2007

Pet Appreciation Day! – Saturday October 6th, 2007

Please join us for another fun-filled and educational day in celebration of you and your pets! The events will include:

Ask The Professionals Booths – All Day

Grooming – Groomers Shannan and Kathy will be on-hand to demonstrate how pets are groomed and to answer questions about which grooming tools you should use with your pet. Nail trims will only be $4 and all proceeds will be donated to the Bangor Humane Society Shed & Emily Fund.

Training & Behavior Counselors – Members of our training staff will be available to answer questions about training and your dog’s behavior.

Nutrition – Our retail staff and representatives from food companies will be on hand to answer questions about pet nutrition and help you find the best foods for your pet.

Training Clinics & Informational Sessions

9AM & 3PM—Recall Clinic—Learn how to teach your dog to come reliably with help from the Green Acres’ training staff. Practice in the training field with professional assistance.

10AM-11AM—Maine’s Animal Welfare Program—Norma Worley, Director of Maine’s Animal Welfare Program, will discuss what Maine is doing to protect animals and how your purchasing of a license for your dog is essential to the success of what they do.

10AM & 4PM—Walking Politely Clinic—Let our training staff teach you how to keep your dog from pulling on leash and to walk nicely by your side, without using a choke or prong collar. Handouts and opportunities to practice will be available.

To guarantee your place in any of the above sessions, please register ahead of time by sending in a $5 registration fee to reserve your spot. All registration fees will be donated to the Bangor Humane Society Shed and Emily Fund. Walk-ins will be allowed as space permits.

Just For Fun

12PM-The Precious Pet Show– This event is for children and their dogs and cats. Each child will tell the judges and audience about how they take care of their pet and their pet’s personality. Ribbons will be awarded to each entrant based on the presentation and the pet’s unique characteristics. Rules are: 1) children must be between five and twelve and accompanied by an adult, 2) pets must be current on vaccinations and must not be fearful or aggressive, 3) dogs must be on a 6 foot leash attached to a regular flat collar, head halter or harness. Choke and prong collars are NOT allowed, and 4) cats must be in a plastic or metal carrier or on a secure harness and leash. Entry forms can be obtained at Green Acres or at our website ( The $5 entry fee will be donated to the Bangor Humane Society Shed & Emily Fund.

Sales (effective SAT October 6th through SAT October 13th)

Wysong—Buy any size of Wysong dog or cat dry food and get a coupon for a second one free. Coupons are for the same formula and size and must be redeemed before the end of the year. Limited to one per family.

Eagle— Buy any size of Eagle dog or cat dry food and get a coupon for a second one free. Coupons are for the same formula and size and must be redeemed before the end of the year. Limited to one per family.

Merchandise—All non-food merchandise is 10% off. Discount does not apply for items purchased with coupons or other discount offers.

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Don’t Let Your Walk Be A Drag!

Learn How to Make Walking Your Dog Easy and Fun!

If walking the dog means the dog is choking and gasping for breath and the joints in your arm are being stretched to the point of discomfort – You need help!

Green Acres’ Certified Pet Dog Trainers will be at the Bangor Humane Society Paws on Parade on Saturday September 29th to provide you with the help you need. There will be demonstrations on teaching your dog to walk with slack in the leash. We will also be offering a $3 discount on  the SENSE-ible Dog Harness™, Easy Walk Harness and Gentle Leader® Head Halter and will give you an additional $3discount if you trade in your choke collar or prong collar. If you cannot make it to Paws on Parade, join us for one of our two Walking Politely clinics at Green Acres’ Pet Appreciation Day on Saturday, October 6th where you will receive the same discount.

Taking a walk with your canine companion should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. Dogs can learn to walk politely on a leash, but it takes lots of rewards, patience, consistency and time on your part. Until you have taught your dog this important lesson, tools such as the SENSE-ible Dog Harness™, Easy Walk Harness and Gentle Leader® Head Halter can help you both enjoy your walk in good health and safety. Unlike choke collars and prong collars they give you control without causing the dog pain and discomfort – just what you want for your furry friend!


BHS Paws on Parade


My name is Dulcie and 8 years ago I was running wild and scared on the streets of Bangor before finding a temporary home at the Bangor Humane Society. The kind, compassionate staff and volunteers at BHS cleaned me up, fed me and helped me find a new home with my guardians, Don and Paula Hanson, at the Green Acres Kennel Shop. If not for BHS, I might not be here to help my dad write this letter.

Even though I found a new home, there are still thousands of homeless dogs and cats in our area that will need the services of the Bangor Humane Society this year. BHS depends on donations from people like you. One way you can help is by participating in the 14th annual Paws on Parade on Saturday September 29th. This event raises funds that go
directly to the care of homeless pets.

If you cannot participate in this year’s event yourself, consider sponsoring one of the many Green Acres staff members who will again be walking in Paws on Parade. If you would like to sponsor one of them, you can sign their pledge form at the store or mail your contribution to us at the store.

Thank you! Dulcie

Pictures with Santa

Santa Claus will be at Green Acres the evenings of October 11th and 12th to pose with your pets for pictures. Limited spaces are available, so if you want that holiday portrait, call us soon at 945-6841 to reserve your spot. Appointments will be available from 4PM until 8PM each day. The cost is $15/pet. The photographer will take several pictures which will be available for you to pickup on a CD at Green Acres within 10 days of the event.


New Products

Yöghund Organic Yogurt for Dogs

We all like to give our dogs the occasional treat and what could be better than giving them a treat that is also healthy! Yöghund Organic Frozen Yogurt has all of the health benefits of live cultures, organic bananas, organic peanuts and spring water. Most important to your dog – it tastes great! Get a coupon here.

New Toys

The Huck, Zisc and Hurley are all made from Zogoflex™ a tough new material that floats high in the water and stands up to tough chewing. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer, West Paws Design. These toys are also easy on the environment as they are recyclable. In fact, they will take their products back for recycling if your dog ever gets bored with it. Get a coupon here.

The Busy Buddy tug-a-jug™ from Premier is designed to keep your buddy busy! It looks like a plastic bottle with a rope and chew ball at one end. You can open the bottle and fill it with treats or part of your dogs daily kibble ration which will be dispensed intermittently as they play with the toy. Like the Buster® Cube and Kong® the tug-a-jug™ is a great way to keep your precocious pup occupied.

All dogs, especially puppies, like toys that squeak. Premier’s new line of squeeze meeze™ latex toys not only squeak, but many stick out their tongue or tail. Available in various sizes and colors, there is sure to be one that will bring joy to every dog.

Cuddly toys are also favorites with many dogs especially the retrievers. Coleman has a wide range of soft toys for your best friend to carry around, thrash and sleep with. Available as a Bison, Moose, Octopus, Duck, Raccoon and many other varieties.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles

Rescue Remedy is now available in solid form as a chewy pastille with natural orange and elderflower flavors. A tin fits conveniently in a purse, briefcase or backpack, allowing you to keep natural stress relief close at hand for yourself or your dog. Get a coupon here.

Kennel & Staff News

Voted “Bangor’s Best Kennel” 6th Year Running

For the sixth year in a row, Green Acres Kennel Shop has been voted the Bangor Region’s Best Kennel in a survey conducted by Market Surveys of America. For the first time, Green Acres was also voted the Bangor Region’s Best Pet Store. This is the first time this designation has been offered. The staff of Green Acres wants to thank our wonderful clients for honoring us with these awards. Don and Paula are grateful to have such a fantastic, caring staff that shares their commitment to the Green Acres’ Pet Friendly philosophy.

Market Surveys of America is a survey company independent of any newspaper or magazine publication. Their “Best of the Best” winners are determined by tallied public ballots taken throughout each specific region, and by their website (

Aggression Seminar

In July, Don Hanson and Kate Dutra traveled to New Hampshire to attend a two day seminar on companion animal aggression. The seminar introduced a new technique developed at the University of North Texas to work with several types of animals with various types of aggression issues. Don and Kate will be looking at ways of incorporating the technique into the treatment protocols they currently use with their clients who have aggressive pets.

Joel Walton Seminar

On August 4th, Joel Walton, author of Positive Puppy Training Works and Labrador Retrievers for Dummies, lectured to a full house comprised of trainers, shelter workers and pet guardians from around the state. Green Acres’ Trainers Kate Dutra, Don Hanson, Jessica Hofmeyer, Christie Mahaffey, Joel Mahaffey, Brenda Merrill, Becky Ruggiero and Angela Sedgwick were in attendance. Topics covered were the MRE (Management, Relate & Educate), SOAR (Simply Observe and Reward) and STAR (Simply Train and Reward) systems. Joel discussed the importance of bringing training into the daily routine and addressed several questions from the audience. Problem areas such as housetraining, leash pulling, aggression, and jumping were tackled (however, if you were to ask Joel the dogs really do not have problems, rather they have what we perceive as problems). Many thanks to Joel, for not only an educational and entertaining morning, but also his willingness to do the lecture pro bono so that all proceeds were able to be donated to the Bangor Humane Society.

Animal Welfare Advisory Council

Green Acres co-owner Don Hanson, has been appointed to the Maine Animal Welfare Advisory Council (AWAC) by Governor Baldacci. AWAC advises the Commissioner of Agriculture on animal welfare laws and rules. Don represents boarding and breeding  kennels on the council.

Staff Anniversaries

Shannan Bodwell—August—20 years
Lamont Dutra—August—13 years
Becky Robinson—August—8 years
Paula Hanson—October—12 years
Don Hanson—October—12 years
Adam Morrison—October—5 years

Welcome New Staff

Aaron Clark—Asst. Instructor
Lori Clark—Asst. Instructor
Jay Holweger—Asst. Instructor



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