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thank you-7jul14-3187 1000x1000Giving back to the community is very important to us at Green Acres. From March 15th through April 12th we asked you, our clients, to help us pick the beneficiary for our June 2014 fundraising effort. When the final votes were tallied, you chose BARKK To End The Silence an initiative of the Mutt Nose Best Paw It Forward Foundation. 

All of us at Green Acres Kennel Shop want to thank all of you who so generously donated to our summer fundraiser for BARKK To End The Silence, an initiative to raise awareness and to fund the creation of  pet friendly sanctuary for those with pets being threatened with domestic violence. 

We started with a modest goal of raising $500 and matching that with our own $500; however, after the first week we met our goal and it was obvious we could do much more. As a result we raised our goal to $2500 with a commitment of adding another $500 from Green Acres if the goal was met. Well together, we did it! You contributed a total of $2187 and Green Acres added $1000 for a total of $3187. THANK YOU! 

Domestic violence is not just a local issue, and the funds we raised for BARKK will be used throughout Maine. We hope that you will join us at the BARKK To End The Silence 5K Walk, Run or WOOF! on the Bangor waterfront on Saturday, September 27th. Green Acres will have a team there, and we’d love to have you join or team, or just be there! To register go to -

If you still wish to donate, we'll keep our PaylPal link open, see below.

Please stop in our store and donate or if you choose to donate via PayPal you may do so by clicking on the Donate button below.

You can learn more about our fundraiser and BARKK To End The Silence by reading below or my listening to our interview with Paw It Forward Foundation founder Jenny Dwyer on the May 31st and June 1st editions of The Woof Meow Show. <Click here to listen>

Listen to Don Hanson talking with Ric Tyler and George Hale of The Voice of Maine WVOM about our fundraiser for BARKK To End The Silence on Thursday, June 12, 2014. <Click here to Listen>

BREAKING NEWS!! - WE ARE IN THE CLOUDS AT $3187!! $187 ABOVE OUR GOAL! After Green Acres Kennel Shop's 33rd day of fundraising for BARKK To End The Silence, we have raised $2187 from 294 individual donations and $1000 from Green Acres Kennel Shop. We will continue fundraising until the end of business of 5JUL14.

Do you want to help spread the word? <Click Here> and download a pdf poster of a poster/flyer you can share with others.

The mission of the Mutt Nose Best Paw It Forward Foundation is to raise awareness of domestic violence and to raise funds that will help to equip local domestic violence shelters with designated “pet friendly” rooms that have separate ventilation and outside fenced areas. Funds will also help pay for veterinary care and emergency “get out” kits for families in violent relationships. Currently, in the state of Maine, there are no Domestic Violence shelters equipped to house family pets.barkk to end the silence

From June 1st through the end of business on July 5th Green Acres Kennel Shop will be asking customers for a donation when making purchases. We'll also be collecting donations through our website via our secure PayPal account. 

When asked why she started the Mutt Nose Best Foundation, Jenny Dwyer stated:

"One in four women in their lifetime will be directly affected by violence. It affects our friends, our neighbors, our teachers and our tellers. Domestic violence does not discriminate, however it does isolate. The BARKK To End The Silence mission is extremely personal for me because 10 years ago I left an abusive relationship and a little over a year ago my abuser killed his wife and then himself. When news of this tragedy hit me my thoughts spiraled...why did I stay for so long, so many times that could have been me. More importantly, why did she go back that day? In that moment, I knew the answers were one in the same. Our pets. "

"Domestic Violence is a silent burden that many suffer alone; in that isolation many turn to their pets as a source of love, loyalty and companionship. Animals are abused in a staggering 88% of families where violence is an issue. Seventy-one percent of pet owners entering domestic violence shelters have reported that their batterers had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or to psychologically control their victims. Sadly, 65% of pet owners in these situations stay in danger longer because of fear for their animal's safety or no place to flee with them."

Last fall, Debra Bell wrote about domestic violence and pets in Maine. Here are the links to the stories she wrote:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Mutt Nose Best Paw It Forward Foundation will be holding the 2nd Annual BARKK 5K on Saturday September 27th on the Bangor Waterfront.  This is a dog friendly walk, run or woof that raises money for the BARKK To End The Silence Initiative. Last year over 500 participated, raising a total over $7,000. You do not need to participate to donate. All contributions are welcome. If you are not local, you may want to do a virtual walk, something supporters in Hawaii, Utah and other places did in 2013. 

For more information, or to donate or to volunteer to help at the 5K run, call Mutt Nose Best at 207-262-8773 or [email protected]. You can also find information online at: - and and

Please stop in our store and donate or if you choose to donate via PayPal you may do so by clicking on the Donate button below.

Resources For Help With Domestic Violence

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence – 1-866-83-4HELP/1-866-834-4357 -

Spruce Run - 1-800-863-9909 -

Next Step Domestic Violence Project – 800-315-5579 -




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