The Shed & Emily Fund

Shed_emily-for-web_smEmily_shed-for-web_smThe Shed and Emily Fund was established for one reason:  to help relieve stress and stress-related behaviors and illnesses in pets cared for by the Bangor Humane Society.

The fund does this by subsidizing enrichment, training, socialization and behavior rehabilitation for all BHS dogs and cats in need.

You see, whether a dog or cat arrives at BHS as a stray, as a victim of neglect or abuse, or as the former pet of a loving family, life at the shelter is a new experience -- and often a very frightening one.

The pets are not used to such limited living space, to the constant meows and barks of the other animals, or to the many visitors that pass by their kennels everyday. Add to that different food, routine medical checkups and strange smells, and you’re likely to find animals that feel a lot of anxiety and stress.

Here’s why that matters so much:  just like humans, animals that feel stressed are more susceptible to illness and behavior changes.  If they’re sick, they can’t be adopted at all.  If they become jumpy, agitated or shy, they are much less likely to be chosen by a new family.

However, there is a solution:  enrichment and training activities that provide them with toys to play with and opportunities to interact with people in a positive, manner. When a pet is occupied with getting the treats out of a stuffed Kong or playing with a volunteer, they are less likely to feel stressed.

Won’t you support the Shed and Emily Fund and provide

  • Appropriate toys for the BHS animals, to help them stay alert and playful.
  • Training supplies like treat bags and clickers for the staff, so they can learn or relearn important, basic skills.
  • Healthy treats for use as training rewards; we all work harder for good stuff!
  • Funding for seminars, books and videos about enrichment and training for use by BHS staff and volunteers, all of whom are willing to learn whatever they can to help the animals.
  • A volunteer program specifically geared toward animal enrichment.
  • Behavior consultations by trained professionals that will help reduce stress and enrich the animals’ environment.

Please help reduce the stress of the animals at the Bangor Humane Society and improve their chances of finding that special forever home. Thank you for joining us in contributing to the Shed and Emily Fund.

Don & Paula Hanson

The Shed and Emily Fund was established in the spring of 2003 by Don and Paula Hanson, owners of Green Acres Kennel Shop, as a living memorial to their Border Collie mix Shed and BHS’s feline mascot Emily.


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