Don’t Shoot the Dog! The New Art of Teaching and Training

by Karen Pryor

SUGGESTED AUDIENCE: Individuals wanting to have better and happier relationships with all around them, including people, and who want to learn the principles of operant conditioning from a practical viewpoint.

First published in 1984, this book is not so much a "dog training" book, but a book on changing the behavior of people and animals around you, through the science of positive reinforcement. Whether training your dog to sit or getting your spouse to pick up dirty laundry off the floor, this book explains why you will be more successful rewarding desirable behavior than in punishing unwanted behavior.

The author of this book, Karen Pryor, is an experienced dolphin trainer and has been one of the people leading dog trainers and zoo keepers into the modern world of clicker training.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Any creature-a dog, a horse, a polar bear, even a fish-that you shape with positive reinforcers and a marker signal becomes playful, intelligent, curious and interested in you."

If you want a better understanding of terms like positive reinforcement, and negative punishment, then this is the book for you. However, and more importantly, if you want to get along better with your friends, family and pets you need to read this book!


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