Bach Flower Remedies

Bach_Products_webThe Bach Flower Remedies are all natural, very dilute solutions made from spring water, an alcohol preservative, and the parts of specific flowers. They are used to help balance the emotions and bring about a state of equilibrium in living organisms, and have been successfully used with people, animals, and even plants. Bach Flower Remedies are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), have been issued with National Drug Code (NDC) numbers by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are sold as over-the-counter homeopathic products in the United States.

There are a total of 38 different Bach Flower Remedies, 37 made from specific flowers and one made from the water of a spring believed to have healing properties. Each remedy is used to treat a specific emotion or state of mind such as fear, anger, apathy, etc. These are all emotions that most people can readily identify in themselves and in other people, and with training can also identify in animals. These emotional states and their corresponding essence are all described in The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies by Edward Bach, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH.

It is important to understand that the Bach Flower Remedies only treat the emotions of an individual. They are NOT used to treat specific disease or physical symptoms. However, often by bringing emotions into balance, physical disease can be resolved. When selecting the remedies to use for a client, we must always look at their emotional profile, and not their physical symptoms.

The Bach Flower Remedies are NOT a substitue for medical or veterinary treatment. Before using the remedies you should first rule out any potential medical causes. The remeides will NOT change the inherent temperment of a particular breed or animal.


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