Bach Flower Remedy Consultations

Don Hanson offers treatment with Bach Flower Remedies and behavior counseling on both a local and long distance basis. He sees local clients at his facility, Green Acres Kennel Shop, in Bangor, Maine, and works with long-distance clients via telephone and email.

Often people find themselves with pets that are exhibiting problem behaviors that a standard training class is unable to address. Behaviors such as separation anxiety, pet-to-pet aggression, pet-to-people aggression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, marking, scratching, and inappropriate urination/defecation are just a few examples of some of the more common problems that fall into this category. But there is hope!! As a Bach Flower Registered Animal Practitioner and Pet Behavior Counselor, Bach Flowers for Pets’ Don Hanson will work with you and your pet to resolve behavioral concerns that fall outside of the realm of basic training.

A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner (BFRAP), Don is uniquely qualified to develop a Bach Flower Remedy treatment plan and/or behavior modification program for your pet. Don has completed the Dr. Edward Bach Foundations training program in the U.S. and at the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. He has studied the behavior and communication methods of dogs, cats and other animals. His coursework included learning how to use the Bach Flower Remedies to resolve behavioral problems. Depending upon each individual situation, and the severity level, a specific strategy will be devised to help you and your pet in its recovery. Some plans may involve only the Bach Flower Remedies, while others may also incorporate behavior modification.

Kate Dutra is the Operations Manager at Green Acres and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT). She has studied the behavior of dogs and cats for several years and works with Don in helping you resolve your pet’s behavioral issues.

When you initially contact us to discuss a behavioral problem, we will need to know if your concerns have been discussed with your veterinarian, and when your pet last had a full veterinary exam. Many behavioral issues can be directly linked to medical concerns and these must be addressed prior to a behavioral consultation.

When you have decided to proceed with a consultation, we will mail you a questionnaire or instruct you how to download it from our website . Since we are unable to ask the animals how they are feeling, or what is bothering them, I will need to depend on the information you provide in the questionnaire and at the time of the consultation. For this reason, we request that you are as thorough and as objective as possible. Plan to take 60 to 90 minutes to complete the questionnaire. We may also ask you to provide a videotape of your pet exhibiting the problem behavior, especially if we will not be evaluating your pet in person. This, in conjunction with our knowledge of animal behavior will help us to develop a treatment plan for your pet.

We must receive the questionnaire, a signed waiver of liability and aggression disclaimer, videos (if requested) and a written veterinary referral prior to scheduling of your appointment. Once we have these materials, one of us will contact you to schedule your appointment. At your appointment, you and your pet will meet with Don Hanson and Kate Dutra, either in person or over the phone. Each consultation lasts approximately one hour. At the conclusion of your appointment, we will recommend a behavior modification program. If you will be using the Bach Flower Remedies, Don will also recommend specific Bach Flower remedies for your pet. Within a week after the appointment, we will send you a summary of our findings and recommendations and any appropriate handouts to aid you in the behavior modification process. We ask that you provide regular feedback so that we can continue to help you and your pet progress.





Behavioral assessment at Green Acres, recommended behavior modification protocols, Bach Flower Remedy treatment plan and first bottle of appropriate remedies, and report to veterinarian



Behavioral assessment via telephone, recommended behavior modification protocols, Bach Flower Remedy treatment plan and first bottle of appropriate remedies, and report to veterinarian



Trainer assistance implementing behavior modification protocol at Green Acres, 30 minute minimum

$30/half hour


Refill of appropriate Bach Flower Remedies, picked up at Green Acres



Refill of appropriate Bach Flower Remedies, mailed to your address in USA



Follow-up Consultation at Green Acres, 30 minute minimum

$30/half hour


Telephone follow-up consultation, 30 minute minimum

$40/half hour



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