Puppy Love – Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way – Karen Pryor. A superb introduction on how to use a clicker to raise your puppy in an effective gentle manner. [Green Acres Price - $24.95]

Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You – Turid Rugaas, A companion to the book On Talking Terms with Dogs, this tape provides excellent visual examples of how dogs use calming signals and how you can use them with your dog. [Green Acres Price - $29.95]

Click & Go: Getting Started with Clicker Training, - Deborah Jones, Ph.D. An excellent introduction to clicker or Click and Treat™ training for dogs. Dr. Jones explains the fundamentals of luring, shaping, targeting and reinforcement schedules in an easy-to-understand manner that will have you successfully training your dog in no time. [Green Acres Price - $29.95]

Click & Fetch: The Clicker Retrieve - Deborah Jones, Ph.D., Dr. Jones explains how to get a fast, accurate and reliable retrieve with your dog using all positive methods and no force. Includes explicit instructions on how to shape a "retrieve on the flat", as found in AKC obedience competition. [Green Acres Price - $29.95]

Click & Fix: Solving Behavior Problems with A Clicker - Deborah Jones, Ph.D. This video shows you how to use positive techniques to solve problems like; the out of control dog, dogs that don't pay attention, housetraining, jumping, biting, chewing, barking and not coming when called. [Green Acres Price - $29.95]

Clicker Magic, Karen Pryor. Footage from seminars showing a variety of behaviors, and different species. [Green Acres Price - $39.95]

Take A Bow-Wow, Virginia Broitman & Sherri Lippman. Clicker training tricks for your dog. [Green Acres Price - $24.95]

Bow-Wow, Take 2, Virginia Broitman & Sherri Lippman. More clicker training tricks for your dog. [Green Acres Price - $29.95]


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