After careful consideration we got our first puppy ever in March of 09. I immediately enrolled in the Green Acres puppy classes. Believe me when I say that I heartily endorse these classes. They are definitely for the humans rather than the pets! Even seasoned dog owners should enroll in some of these wonderful lessons! I will forever believe that dogs are only as good as the knowledge of their handlers.

Over the twenty months that we have had Jesse we have raised a well adjusted dog. He is happy and thanks to your wonderful selection of foods, toys, tools and advice from the staff we have a wonderful family member. Your groomers are exemplary in their handling and keep Jesse at the top of his game. He actually looks forward to his bi-weekly visits to Green Acres for grooming, playing and interacting with the staff.

Thank you, thank you for being there to serve our pets! From Jesse's first class and the first time that Rachel sat him on the grooming table to play with his ears to now we have only good things to say about your wonderful establishment. It is my hope that Green Acres will always be a presence in our area.

Rhonda Hutchins 

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