Dear Management & staff:

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thoughts regarding the services you have rendered in caring for the needs of our 2 year old Bichon Frise' dog. All your staff does a great job.

My wife and I are in our sixties and decided to add a puppy to our family. We knew at the time, that this would likely tie us down; however, "Kingsley" has truly become the center of our world. We give him so much love and attention that it has been suggested, by close friends, that we might benefit from outside therapy when we go away and miss him dearly. It's a great relief for us to know that in our absence we can depend on you to give him outstanding care and attention.

We have left "Kingsley" with you three times, most recently for 10 days while traveling to Florida. He bounded out of the car and raced to the entrance door to see everyone. When we return he is glad to see us, but I believe he thinks he's going to summer camp. He loves his time with you, we are keeping our options open, should we need to consider filing a law suit against Green Acres for alienation of affection.

Seriously though, it makes our decision to travel, whenever we go without him, easier knowing that he is in good hands and receiving the best of care. Nancy and l, thank you for all that you do and that extra effort given our "Kingsley".

Sincerely Yours,
Nancy & Larry King

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