COVID-19 Protocols for Grooming Clients
  • Please refrain from entering our facility if:
    • You or anyone in your household has knowingly been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19. Please follow the Maine CDC’s recommendations for reporting and self-quarantine.
    • You or a member of your household have traveled out of state and are required to self-quarantine per Maine CDC protocol.
  • Please wear a face-covering anytime you enter the store for the protection of yourself, staff, and our community. All staff members who have contact with clients will be wearing a face-covering inside and outside the store. If you are not wearing a face covering, you may be asked to leave immediately.
  • Because of the size of our shop, we have elected only to allow two clients at a time inside the store.
    • Staff will be parking as close to the road as possible to leave the front spaces available for clients. This will help clients also see how many people are inside. If you are unsure, a staff member will come out to let you know when it is ok to enter. We understand this may cause some delays, but it ensures the safety of everyone.
  • Please maintain at least 6’ of space between other clients and staff when inside the building.
  • Please, whenever possible, only have one family member per household enter for purchases or for dropping off or picking up a pet.
  • Staff will take pets with a slip leash, and the client will keep their personal leash and collar.
  • No clients are allowed inside the grooming area.
  • Clients must maintain at least 3’ between themselves and the grooming door (the floor is marked) when providing instructions to the groomer. Once instructions have been completed, the client needs to leave the store.
  • Please understand that due to the additional sanitation requirements in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your pet’s grooming will likely take longer than it did previously. Please be patient and allow the groomer ample time to sanitize the area between pets.
  • Nail trims will require an appointment until further notice. They will only be available Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM.
    • Nail trims will only be done 6’ away from the owner or inside the salon area with the owner remaining in the retail space.
    • Clients will not be permitted to assist in the nail trim.
    • We will not be able to trim the nails of any pets uncomfortable with this process. We do have clippers for sale, should you choose to clip at home. Staff can advise you on how to do this safely.
  • A printable version of all Green Acres Kennel Shop COVID-19 protocols are posted on our website at

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