Training Seminars

Which Pet for Me/Our Family?

 This is an opportunity for an individual or a family that is contemplating getting a dog or cat to talk to objectively to professionals with 20+ years of experience with thousands of dogs and cats of various breeds and types. We will meet with you to discuss your lifestyle; current and future, and what you are looking for in a pet. Unlike a breeder, pet store, shelter or rescue we will not be trying to get you to purchase or adopt a pet from us. We do not sell pets. We will provide you with objective advice and help you answer several questions. Should I get a dog or cat? Would I be better off with and adult pet or a puppy/kitten? What breed, size, and coat type would be best? Should I get a purebred or a mix? Should I look for a reputable breeder or shelter/rescue? How do I know if a breeder or shelter is reputable?  We will also be able to discuss the level of training and care your pet will require and the pros and cons of each of the decision points above. Which Pet For Me/Our Family? is scheduled on an individual basis, so give us a call at 945-6841.

We do not charge for this program because we want to help you make the best decision possible so that your pet and you become and remain, best friends for life. Which Pet For Me/Our Family? is scheduled on an individual basis, so give us a call at 945-6841.


This is a one-time meeting with myself or one of our trainers for those who:

  • Have recently obtained a new dog that is too old for the Puppy Headstart class but are in need of immediate assistance for puppy behaviors that they find frustrating and problematic;
  • Have adopted an older dog and are experiencing some transition difficulties;
  • Are anticipating significant life changes, such as a move or the addition of a child and are trying to minimize the impact on their dog;
  • Have yet to adopt their dog and are just looking to be prepared and step off on the right paw!

We will help you with common areas of concern such as housetraining, chewing, jumping, and rowdy behavior. We will discuss the role of management, physical stimulation through exercise and mental enrichment via brain games, the establishment of reasonable expectations and how to set your dog up for success. A Help! Now! session is explicitly tailored to your dog and your situation. Help Now! is not designed to assess or deal with very serious issues such as separation anxiety, fear or aggression. We can help with those issues but do so through other programs.

The cost of Help! Now! is $32.50 for half an hour. Help Now! sessions are scheduled on an individual basis by calling us at 945-6841 and asking for Don at extension 103.

Introduction to Dog Behavior & Clicker Training

This class is a three-hour seminar for *people only*. In this course we will introduce you to the fundamentals of clicker training, canine behavior and canine communication.  The fee for this class is $50 and includes a copy of our book, Best Friends for Life.


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