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We Make Training Fun for You and Your Dog!

  • Dog-Friendly! – NO pain, intimidation, dominance, alpha rolls, scruff shakes, prong, choke or shock collars.
  • Small class sizes – Dogs (and people) learn best with individual attention and small classes.
  • Relaxed, supportive atmosphere – When it is fun, we all learn better!
  • Family attendance encouraged – Consistency in the home matters; this allows everyone an opportunity to train.
  • Scientific, proven, effective training methods for all dogs and breeds – Based in science, clicker training is a proven training method.
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainers – Green Acres Kennel Shop trainers are members of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and participate in ongoing education.

Green Acres Kennel Shop is a pet-friendly, force-free, fear-free, pain-free facility and we meet or exceed the standards set in the Position Statements of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the behavior guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

We encourage you to read our Position Statement on the Use of Dominance and Punishment for the Training and Behavior Modification of Dogs on our website.


Help! Now!

Help Now! is a one-time training session for those who:

  • Have recently obtained a new dog that is too old for the Puppy Headstart class but is in need of immediate assistance for puppy behaviors that they find frustrating and problematic;
  • Have adopted an older dog and are experiencing some minor transition difficulties;
  • Have adopted a dog that is anxious and/or reactive in some situations and needs assistance in determining if a group class will be appropriate for their dog;
  • Are anticipating life changes, such as a move or the addition of a child and are trying to minimize the impact on their dog;
  • Have yet to adopt their dog and are just looking to be prepared and step off on the right paw!

We will help you with common areas of concern such as housetraining, chewing, jumping, and rowdy behavior. We will discuss the role of management, brain games, the establishment of reasonable expectations and how to set your dog up for success. A Help! Now! session is tailored specifically to your individual dog and your specific situation. This program is not designed to assess or deal with serious issues such as separation anxiety, fear or aggression.

The cost for Help! Now! is $32.50. for half an hour. This class is scheduled on an individual basis by calling us at 945-6841.


Private Sessions

Green Acres Kennel Shop recognizes that group training classes will not work for all people and dogs. We offer a variety of private dog training options including one-on-one sessions and training during daycare and boarding.

Our private training sessions are customized to your specific needs. Therefore, before beginning any private training sessions, you will need to meet with one of our trainers so that you can explain your goals for you and your dog. This also allows the trainer to assess your dog and determine what types of training is needed. If the trainer determines your concerns are behavioral issues (reactivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.) as opposed to training (sit, recall, heeling, etc.) they will refer you for a behavioral consultation with our behavioral consultants instead of private training. If the trainer determines that your goal can be achieved with training, they will document your goals and develop a training plan including the recommended minimum number of training sessions to achieve those goals.

After you have agreed to the developed training plan, you will be asked to attend one of our Introduction to Dog Behavior & Clicker Training seminars as part of a group or as a private session. If you have recently attended one of these sessions as part of our group classes, this requirement may be waived. Private training sessions with you and your dog, or between one of our trainers and your dog while the dog is in our boarding or daycare, will begin after you have attended this seminar. If you have selected our Board and Train option, we will also schedule sessions with the trainer and with you and your dog so that you can learn how to work with your dog at home.

We can offer in-home training after we have established your training goals, but there will be an additional fee based on your location.

Pricing for private training is noted below.


Meeting with Senior Trainer to Outline Specific Training Goals

$32.50/half hour

Group - Introduction to Dog Behavior & Clicker Training (approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours) w/copy of Best Friends for Life


Private - Introduction to Dog Behavior & Clicker Training (approximately 2.0 hours) w/copy of Best Friends for Life


30 min. sessions Private Session with written follow-up

$65 session

15 min. session w/Trainer while Boarding/Daycare


30 min. follow-up sessions w/Trainer & Guardian Post Boarding


Travel time

$1.08 per 1 minute of travel time, portal to portal


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