Level 2 Training Classes


Due to COVID-19 Social Distancing Recommendations, the Start Dates for All Green Acres Kennel Shop Training Classes Are Tentative

Level 2 Classes: Out and About & Glad to See You

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What Our Students Say

“Relaxed pace, positive upbeat approach.” J.M.

“The trainers are so good at recognizing each dog’s personality and tailoring their suggestions individually.” P.F.

“I felt as if my dog was constantly engaged.”

“(This class) helped to refine our skills as trainers.” – T.P.

“(The staff) has the ability to meet the dog and ‘parent’ where they are at.”-R.A.

"Hi--I just wanted to tell you both how much I have enjoyed this round of classes this year. Having both of you involved has made these sessions even more valuable--I always learn something new from Kate every single class. Lois is a great addition--she's experienced, kind, and very funny. I just realized that I have now gone to eleven classes at Green Acres over the last decade. So at an average of six classes per session times 168 miles round trip, we've logged about 11,088 miles "going to school," a term Annie still understands, and she's now almost ten. So thank you both." – Donna, Annie, Alex, and Griffey

Our level 2 courses meet once a week for 45 to 50 minutes for six consecutive weeks of instruction for students and dogs.

We offer three Level 2 classes, Glad to See You, Out and About, and Clicks & Tricks. Each class has been designed to allow you to choose the area where you wish to concentrate your efforts. You may take one or all three of these classes, and need not take them in any specific order.

It is our goal that each person and dog in our classes have the best training experience possible. We cover a great deal of information in our Intro to Dog Behavior and Clicker Training seminar and our Basic Manners classes that are the foundation for what we work on in our Level 2 and Level 3 classes. For that reason, we have the following requirements for anyone enrolling in a Level 2 or Level 3 class.

Prerequisites for Level 2 Classes

  • Successful completion of our Basic Manners course OR
  • Completion of our Intro to Dog Behavior and Clicker Training seminar AND
  • Successful completion of an assessment by a member of our training staff. An assessment will involve asking you and your dog to perform a variety of behaviors that you and your dog would have learned in Basic Manners. We will be looking at how you work with your dog (cueing, reinforcement, handling, etc.) and how well your dog responds to you in a variety of scenarios. An assessment typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and the fee is between $15 and $30, depending on the time involved. You may schedule an assessment by contacting Don at 945-6841, x103.

Level 2: Glad to See You

Training the Stay and Polite Greeting Behaviors

Glad to See You is the perfect class if you want to take your dog places, like an outdoor café, or if you have lots of people visiting your home.

This class focuses on these foundational obedience behaviors:

  • Stay/wait.
  • Greeting other people and dogs in an appropriate, calm manner
  • Leave It

Working as a team, you and your dog will continue to build upon the stay behavior introduced in Basic Manners. The focus will be on adding distance as well as various distractions while your dog is to remain in position, teaching dogs to wait in cars until cued to exit and learning to settle calmly by your side in distracting environments such as in a store or an outdoor cafe.

You and your dog will also practice polite greeting behaviors: learning to anticipate, manage, and conduct calm, appropriate interactions. We will practice polite doorway etiquette skills; additionally, you will learn how to help your dog wait patiently when they are not the center of your attention. The stand will be introduced at this level and time will be spent on handling skills.

Weather permitting; considerable amounts of class time will be spent outside so that skills can repeatedly be practiced in real world environments.


Level 2: Out and About

Training the Advanced Recall and Heel

This workshop focuses on these important behaviors:

  • Coming when called, and
  • Staying close by your side while out for a walk
  • Attention and Leave It

Building on the foundational skills you learned in your Basic Manners class, you and your dog will practice recall past a variety of distractions such as other dogs and edible objects on the ground as well as walking politely on a leash to include automatic sits and passing by other dogs and people.

Also covered at an advanced level in this class are the leave it and attention behaviors.

Weather permitting; considerable amounts of class time will be spent outside so that skills can repeatedly be practiced in real world environments.

Level 2: Clicks & Tricks

Having Fun While Learning New Training Skills

This class is all about fun for you and your dog, all while you learn some new training skills and teach your dog some cute and often useful tricks. It is perfect if you and you dog need to relax and explore the fun side of training.

The first class is an orientation for people only, where you will learn about the art and science of shaping behavior and targeting through live interactions. This will be a very active orientation.

In the remaining five weeks, we will introduce a variety of behaviors. These behaviors may include; go to your place, ring a bell, spin, rollover, pick-up an object, play dead, body positioning cues, take a bow, crawl, hop, and fetch. The specific behaviors we teach will be chosen by group consensus.

For the last class, you will put on a show, demonstrating the behaviors that you and your dog have learned.


 Level 2 Class Schedule

2020 Start Dates





Clicks and Tricks*
All About the Fun




11/7 - 2PM

Glad to See You: Training the Stay and Polite Greeting Behaviors


4/2, 8/27


6/6, 8/29 - 10:30AM

1/11, 4/4, 11/7 - 1PM



Out and About: Training the Advanced Recall and Heel


5/14, 6/25


 6/6, 8/29 - 9:30AM


* First class is for people only, no dogs.



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