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Volume 15, Issue 1- Copyright Green Acres Kennel Shop 2010 - January 2010

February vacation and Spring Break are right around the corner.
Make your boarding reservation now to make sure that your pet
can enjoy a stay at Green Acres!

 Weruva & NutriSource Canned Foods

 Paula and I were introduced to Weruva pet foods at a trade show in September. This new
line of canned foods, for both dogs and cats, is unlike any canned food you have seen or
smelled before. When you open a can you will see real chicken, beef, mackerel, calamari,
potatoes, and many other examples of real, whole food. With sixteen different formulations
for cats, and seventeen varieties for dogs, even the fussiest pet will find mouthwatering selections.

If you boarded over the holidays, we sent your pet home with a free can of Weruva. If you did
not, we want to give your pet a chance to try this exceptional food. While supplies last, with
the purchase of four or more cans of any brand of cat or dog food, we will give you one FREE 5.5oz can
of Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken for cats or Steak Frites for dogs.

 NutriSource has also launched a new line of canned foods for dogs and cats, which we expect to be
an award winner just like their dry foods. We are now feeding NutriSource canned foods in the kennel
and would like to give you an opportunity to try them at home. While supplies last, we will give you
one FREE 13oz can of NutriSource Chicken and Rice dog food when you purchase 4 or more cans of
any brand and any size of canned dog food. Likewise, we will give you one FREE 5oz can of
NutriSource Chicken and Rice cat food when you purchase 4 or more cans of any brand and any size
of canned cat food.

 New Room Service Options

 In the past our primary room service option for boarding pets has been playtime. We have greatly
expanded our options and now offer a wide variety of room service treats for our canine and feline guests.
When you book your pet’s reservation or check them in, make sure to ask our staff about services like;
the stuffed Kong, Greenies, Catnip Kick, Sea Jerky and many more. You can find a complete listing of
those new options by clicking on the following links: room service options for cats OR room service options for dogs

 Tune in to The Woof Meow Show

 You can easily keep up with the latest in the world of pets by tuning into The Woof Meow Show every
Sunday evening at 8:30PM on WVOM 103.9FM and WVQM 101.3FM. Hosted by Green Acres’ Don
Hanson and Kate Dutra, the show covers everything from finding the right pet for  your family, to training,
pet nutrition, book reviews, animal health concerns, what’s happening with local animal shelters and much
more. Past guests on the show have been; Dr. Mark Hanks, Suzan Bell, Dr. David Cloutier, Dr. Judy
Herman, David Forman, Norma Worley, and many others. Many of the shows are also available for
listening online or for downloading into your mp3 player - click here for a list.

Some upcoming shows are:

17JAN10 - National Train Your Dog Month - with Mychelle Blake of the APDT
24JAN10 - Housetraining
31JAN10 - Spaying/Neutering with Dr. Mark Hanks
7FEB10 - Pet Dental Health Month with Dr. Mark Hanks
14FEB10 - Interview Kate Miles, author of Adventures with Ari - part 1
21FEB10 - Interview Kate Miles, author of Adventures with Ari - part 2
28FEB10 - Interview Kate Miles, author of Adventures with Ari - part 3

Help Us Help Seniors!

 If you’re reading this you obviously have a cat, dog, or both. You know firsthand how much that furry
companion means to you and how they make the sun shine even on  a dreary day. Many of the seniors
in our community also have furry companions that are a huge part of their lives. Unfortunately, for those
living on a fixed income, taking care of their four-legged friend can stretch the budget to the breaking point.
That is where Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Furry Friends Food Bank can help. This program has one
mission; keeping seniors and pets together by accepting donations and redistributing pet food to those in need.
Green Acres has been a drop-off point for food donations since the Fall of 2008. Between January 10th
and February 14th we’re going one step further and taking cash donations for the Furry Friends
Food Bank. We’ll match each donation, dollar for dollar, and purchase pet food at the best wholesale
price possible for distribution to the Furry Friends Food Bank.
Please help out our areas seniors and donate generously!

 January is National Train Your Dog Month

 The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has declared January 2010 to be the first National Train Your
Dog Month
. Every year dog guardians throughout our nation encounter behavior problems with a dog and
not knowing what to do or where to go, they surrender hundreds of thousands of dogs to animal shelters
and humane societies in the hopes that the shelter will find their problem dog a new home. By publicly
declaring a month dedicated to dog training, the APDT hopes to help the public become more aware of the
vital importance of socializing and training every dog. They have setup a new website, that offers training tips, and information on how to find a qualified,
reward-based trainer. Perhaps the most important tip of all is “Make training  a part of your everyday life with your dog!”

The members of the Green Acres training staff are all members of the APDT and our six Certified Professional
Dog Trainers are all Professional members of the APDT. We offer a wide variety of training classes from Puppy
Headstart to Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog classes, and also offer private behavior consultations for more
serious behavior problems such as aggression.

 Staff News

 Congratulations to Rachael who celebrated her 3rd anniversary as a Certified Pet Care Technician at
Green Acres on Christmas Eve.

 Please help us welcome our newest Pet Care Technicians in-training, Amber and Alexa.

 Many of you may remember Erin as a Certified Pet Care Technician and Assistant trainer from a couple
of years ago. Erin graduated from UMO, got married and headed south. Now she is back as a Lead
Instructor in-training and working towards her accreditation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

 Green Acres co-owner Don Hanson served on the Board of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
for six years, two as its Vice President and his last year, 2007, as its President. The education of dog trainers
has always been a special interest of Don’s, so when he was asked to Chair the APDT’s Education
Committee he couldn’t say no. This committee will be looking at ways to further professionalize dog training
through education.

 If you have taken one of our training classes you know that we are big believers in rewarding good behavior.
That same technique works with people so in the fall of 2008 we established our Staff Champions program to
encourage staff to recognize and reward one another. Every month the Green Acres staff chooses two Staff
Champions; someone who has done an exceptional job and someone who has publicly recognized another
employee for doing an exceptional job. A hearty congratulations and thank you to our November champions;
Shannan and Hilary!


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