Dog Bite Prevention for Babysitters*

Now that your baby is settled into a routine, you might want an adult night out. Once you have chosen a qualified babysitter, you will want to make sure that she knows the dog rules. Ideally the dog can just stay in the crate while the babysitter is there, but if this is not possible then house rules concerning the dog should be established and posted on the fridge.

  • The children are never left alone with the dog even for a second.
  • In order to gain compliance from the dog the babysitter should use treats rather than force.
  • The dog should not be bothered when eating, sleeping, or chewing on something in her special place.
  • Children may not interact with the dog when the parents are not home.
  • The babysitter should prepare by visiting the Doggone Safe website to learn how to read dog body language.

*Adapted from materials developed by our friends at


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