Dog Bite Prevention for Families with School Age Children*

Older children can become involved with the care and training of the dog. A child, who is old enough to follow instructions reliably, can help with the dog under supervision.

  • Children can give the dog food and water, once the parents have taught the dog to sit and wait.
  • Children can let the dog out of the crate.
  • Create separate dog and kid zones in the home so that each can be safe from the other.
  • Children should learn to stand still (Be a Tree) if the family dog is too frisky or any dog scares them.
  • Children should avoid strange dogs and strangers with dogs.
  • Parents should learn to read dog body language and teach the children how to tell if a dog does not want to be bothered.
  • Avoid games that pit the strength and speed of the dog against the child.
  • Even a child as young as three, can learn to help with clicker training.

*Adapted from materials developed by our friends at


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