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Green Acres publishes two different editions of our newsletter; a version posted on our webpage and a version which is emailed directly to subscribers. Both editions include articles on upcoming events, pet nutrition and health, training and behavior tips, featured products and services, staff news, informative and fun links we like, local business profiles and a list of upcoming Woof Meow Shows. The email edition also includes valuable coupons for Green Acres services and products not offered in this edition.  Your information will not be made available to third parties and will only be used for the purposes of sending you a newsletter electronically. Typically we publish one to two newsletters per month. There is a subscribe box in the lower right corner of this page.


A collection of web sites recommended by Green Acres Kennel Shop

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Woof Meow Show

The “Woof-Meow” show is on every Saturday at 7:30AM and every Sunday at 8:30PM on the Voice of Maine (WVOM, 103.9FM & WVQM 101.3FM). Hosted by Don Hanson and Kate Dutra of Green Acres Kennel Shop, the show focuses on educating dog and cat guardians about their dogs and cats. Topics in the past have included: Dealing with a Barking Dog, Picking the Perfect Pet, Insurance Issues for Pets, Acupuncture for Pets, Pet Nutrition, Litter box Training and many others. Past guests on the show have been Dr. Mark Hanks, Dr. Judy Herman, Pat Miller, Joel Walton, Dr. David Cloutier and Suzan Bell.

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Therapy Dogs

Don Hanson, Green Acres' co-owner and Director of Behavior Counseling and Training is a certified evaluator for Therapy Dogs International (TDI). He conducts group tests at Green Acres and at other facilities at various times throughout the year. Information on test requirements can be found by clicking on the above link, which will take you to the TDI web site. Tests conducted by Don, are listed below.

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