Shared Blog Post – Food Transitioning versus Food Rotating: What is the Difference?

I have been rotating what I feed my pets for years, and at Green Acres Kennel Shop we have been recommending dietary rotation to clients at least since 2012 when our Operations Manager Kate wrote about her experience rotating diets in our newsletter that May ( FMI ).

On April 12th of this year, veterinarian Jean Dodds of Hemopet and NutriScan published an article on her blog on the same topic. The following are some of the key quotes from Dr. Dodds’ article.

Like humans, dogs should be eating a variety of nutritious foods, and not living on just one specific formula.”

No one dietary formula, no matter how “complete and balanced” it is, can meet all of an animal’s nutritional needs over an extended period.

“There is no one “perfect” food or perfect food combination that provides everything a human or animal needs to create optimum health over long periods.”

“Rotating protein sources not only ensures your pet will benefit from a varied amino acid and nutrient profile, it also reduces the risk he will form an intolerance to any specific animal protein source over time.”

You can read Dr. Dodds entire post, and I encourage you to do so, at

Shared Blog Post – FDA Updates on Heart Disease in Dogs – Hemopet – Dr. Jean Dodds

On July 23rd I first updated you on a report by the FDA discussing a potential connection between grain-free pet foods and canine heart disease. Today while attending a webinar presented by Dr. Jean Dodds I learned of new information on this topic release by the FDA. This information indicates that “Based on the data collected and analyzed thus far, the agency believes that the potential association between diet and DCM in dogs is a complex scientific issue that may involve multiple factors.”

In her analysis of this new information from the FDA, Dr. Dodds notes “The framing of a possible connection between grain-free diets and DCM in dogs was premature and set off alarm bells across the veterinary and dog world communities.” I encourage you to read her complete blog article at

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Shared Blog Post – AAHA Vaccination Guidelines 2017 for Dogs – A Review by Dr. Jean Dodds

Veterinarian Dr. Jean Dodds reviews the newly published 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines released by the American Animal Hospital Association. Dr. Dodds recommendations somewhat from the AAHA guidelines stating “Overall, I applaud the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for its transparency, website language, layout and tools that are very pet companion caregiver friendly. I particularly like the Lifestyle-Based Vaccine Calculator that helps pet parents determine if their pets need a lifestyle vaccination.”

Dr. Dodds also notes “The most significant change AAHA has made is on its position on antibody titer testing. Bear in mind that it is not a recommendation or an endorsement of titer testing in lieu of the three-year vaccination series of distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus. If this were the case, titers would be listed on AAHA’s official protocol. However, it is an admission by AAHA that titer tests are alternatives to vaccination. The proof is on the website. In-depth diagnostic web pages are provided to veterinarians. Additionally, the pet caregiver section mentions the titer test alternative on the main vaccination guidelines webpage.” [Emphasis Added]

Green Acres Kennel Shop has accepted titer tests when recommended by your veterinarian as a safer and healthier alternative to revaccination for many years and we also laud their new enlightened position.

You can read Dr. Dodd’s article at –

You can read the entire 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines document at –

A PDF version of a summary of 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines document can be downloaded and printed at –


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